Hewlett-Packard patents granted on 08 September 2009

18 US patents granted on 08 September 2009 and assigned to Hewlett-Packard

1 7,587,555 Program thread synchronization
2 7,587,542 Device adapted to send information in accordance with a communication protocol
3 7,587,530 Method and apparatus for managing device reservation
4 7,587,492 Dynamic performance management for virtual servers
5 7,587,330 Method and system for constructing prediction interval based on historical forecast errors
6 7,587,308 Word recognition using ontologies
7 7,586,946 Method and apparatus for automatically evaluating and allocating resources in a cell based system
8 7,586,944 Method and system for grouping clients of a storage area network according to priorities for bandwidth allocation
9 7,586,892 Computer method and apparatus for periodic scheduling with jitter-approximation tradeoff
10 7,586,842 Failover of multicast traffic flows using NIC teaming
11 7,586,654 System and method of adding messages to a scanned image
12 7,586,503 Reducing acoustical noise in differently aiming sub-frames of image data frame
13 7,585,687 Electron emitter device for data storage applications and method of manufacture
14 7,585,616 Method for making fluid emitter orifice
15 7,585,553 Inkjet media coating with improved lightfastness, scratch resistance, and image quality
16 7,585,424 Pattern reversal process for self aligned imprint lithography and device
17 7,585,052 Topography layer
18 7,585,049 Method of making an inkjet printhead