Hewlett-Packard patents granted on 09 August 2011

32 US patents granted on 09 August 2011 and assigned to Hewlett-Packard

1 7,996,853 Method and apparatus for correlation of events in a distributed multi-system computing environment
2 7,996,846 Allocation of system resources among applications using predefined entitlement values and weight associated with each of the applications
3 7,996,839 Heterogeneous processor core systems for improved throughput
4 7,996,833 Method and system for replacing instructions and instruction blocks in computer code
5 7,996,829 Managing software revisions for servers in an infrastructure
6 7,996,825 Cross-file inlining by using summaries and global worklist
7 7,996,710 Defect management for a semiconductor memory system
8 7,996,680 Secure data log management
9 7,996,669 Computer platforms and their methods of operation
10 7,996,606 System and method for writing data and a time value to an addressable unit of a removable storage medium
11 7,996,602 Parallel memory device rank selection
12 7,996,588 Method and apparatus for real-time transport of multi-media information in a network
13 7,996,492 System for providing information regarding network resources
14 7,996,273 Method and print merchant computer for matching print orders to print service providers
15 7,996,250 Workflow control using an aggregate utility function
16 7,996,021 Location determination in a wireless communication network
17 7,995,595 Method for efficiently detecting node addresses
18 7,995,584 Method and apparatus for detecting malicious routers from packet payload
19 7,995,497 Spontaneous topology discovery in a multi-node computer system
20 7,995,339 Control of vent tiles correlated with a rack
21 7,995,234 Adjusting scan rate within scanning device
22 7,995,221 Method of printing a multi-page document using a cyclical multi-page transport apparatus
23 7,995,201 Plasmonic electric-field concentrator arrays and systems for performing raman spectroscopy
24 7,995,188 Method of estimating a distance
25 7,995,050 Power saving display
26 7,994,509 Structure and method for thin film device with stranded conductor
27 7,993,807 Compositions, systems, and methods for imaging
28 7,993,414 Portable computing system docking security system and method
29 7,993,164 Compact power adapter with interchangeable heads
30 7,992,960 Non-user-initiated preventative maintenace modes for inkjet-printing device
31 7,992,950 Method for installing a slide assembly for a computer server using dual flat springs
32 D643,039 Multi-function imaging and printing device