Hewlett-Packard patents granted on 10 April 2007

33 US patents granted on 10 April 2007 and assigned to Hewlett-Packard

1 D540,378 Ink container
2 D540,376 Printer ink reservoir
3 D540,334 Small footprint keyboard
4 D540,329 Computer device having a front bezel for a memory module receptacle
5 7,203,946 System and method for intercepting, instrumenting and characterizing usage of an application programming interface
6 7,203,940 Automated installation of an application
7 7,203,902 Method and apparatus for document composition
8 7,203,864 Method and system for clustering computers into peer groups and comparing individual computers to their peers
9 7,203,849 Method and system for distributing power to networked devices
10 7,203,846 System and method for intelligent control of power consumption of distributed services during periods of reduced load
11 7,203,822 Unprivileged context management
12 7,203,789 Architecture and methods for computing with reconfigurable resistor crossbars
13 7,203,775 System and method for avoiding deadlock
14 7,203,764 System and method for distributing load among redundant independent stateful world wide web server sites
15 7,203,621 System workload characterization
16 7,203,343 System and method for determining likely identity in a biometric database
17 7,203,317 System for enabling lazy-revocation through recursive key generation
18 7,203,265 Synchronous counting circuit
19 7,203,111 Method and apparatus for driver circuit in a MEMS device
20 7,203,063 Small form factor liquid loop cooling system
21 7,203,043 Method and structure for external control of ESD protection in electronic circuits
22 7,202,970 Method and system of printing identification card (ID) using an inkjet printer
23 7,202,964 Determining raster image processor cycle count to fully utilize a printer
24 7,202,961 Method for dynamically creating a printer driver
25 7,202,888 Electronic imaging device resolution enhancement
26 7,202,868 System and method for visual recognition of paths and patterns
27 7,202,702 Output buffer slew rate control using clock signal
28 7,202,541 Apparatus and method for transverse characterization of materials
29 7,202,179 Method of forming at least one thin film device
30 7,201,782 Gas generation system
31 7,201,732 Dispensing method and device for delivering material to an eye
32 7,201,467 hardcopy servicing apparatus
33 7,200,984 Consumable staple refill