Hewlett-Packard patents granted on 10 January 2006

45 US patents granted on 10 January 2006 and assigned to Hewlett-Packard

1 6,986,136 Web-based imaging service enabling jobs to be interrupted gracefully
2 6,986,131 Method and apparatus for efficient code generation for modulo scheduled uncounted loops
3 6,986,110 Automated method and system for backtracing of instruction parameters from specified instruction in test cases
4 6,986,087 Method and apparatus for improving testability of I/O driver/receivers
5 6,986,075 Storage-device activation control for a high-availability storage system
6 6,986,042 Computer system operable to revert to a trusted state
7 6,986,032 System and method for using an operating system defined field in ACPI support multiple operating systems
8 6,986,014 System and method for using a vendor-long descriptor in ACPI for the chipset registers
9 6,986,005 Low latency lock for multiprocessor computer system
10 6,985,983 Translating device adapter having a common command set for interfacing multiple types of redundant storage devices to a host processor
11 6,985,928 Placing an object at a node in a peer-to-peer system based on a zoom-in algorithm
12 6,985,921 Reliability and performance of SNMP status through protocol with reliability limitations
13 6,985,918 Random number generators implemented with cellular array
14 6,985,861 Systems and methods for combining subword recognition and whole word recognition of a spoken input
15 6,985,826 System and method for testing a component in a computer system using voltage margining
16 6,985,786 Method for managing manufacturing data
17 6,985,682 Media identification sheet
18 6,985,676 Systems and methods for device degradation determination and resolution by event occurrence recordation and timing analysis
19 6,985,675 Image forming devices, methods of operating an image forming device and methods of monitoring an environment proximate to an image forming device
20 6,985,631 Systems and methods for automatically detecting a corner in a digitally captured image
21 6,985,622 System and method for color correcting electronically captured images by determining input media types using color correlation matrix
22 6,985,502 Time-division multiplexed link for use in a service area network
23 6,985,381 System and method for reading magnetization orientation of MRAM cells
24 6,985,365 Topology for flexible and precise signal timing adjustment
25 6,985,359 Variable-wedge thermal-interface device
26 6,985,358 Computer chassis with fan tray assembly
27 6,985,355 Desktop computer appliance
28 6,985,325 Updateable centralized data position information storage system
29 6,985,254 Calibration of a multi color imaging system using a predicted color shift
30 6,985,241 Image forming device, an image forming system, and a method of facilitating ordering of an imaging consumable
31 6,985,162 Systems and methods for rendering active stereo graphical data as passive stereo
32 6,985,144 Layout design apparatus and method for three-dimensional graphical environments
33 6,984,862 Storage device with charge trapping structure and methods
34 6,984,793 Multidirectional switch actuator and a personal digital assistant using the same
35 6,984,554 Transistor with group III/VI emitter
36 6,984,530 Method of fabricating a MRAM device
37 6,984,084 Imaging media tray and method
38 6,984,040 Synchronizing periodic variation of a plurality of colors of light and projection of a plurality of sub-frame images
39 6,984,029 Print cartridge temperature control
40 6,984,014 Inkjet printing system employing multiple inkjet printheads and method of performing a printing operation
41 6,984,013 Calibrating system for a compact optical sensor
42 6,983,697 Printing color layers
43 6,983,692 Printing apparatus with a drum and screen
44 6,983,652 Flow direction detector
45 6,983,539 Method of forming an electrical connection between electrical leads of a tab circuit and electrical contact bumps