Hewlett-Packard patents granted on 11 October 2011

19 US patents granted on 11 October 2011 and assigned to Hewlett-Packard

1 8,037,477 Efficient detection of sources of increasing memory consumption
2 8,037,445 System for and method of controlling a VLSI environment
3 8,037,350 Altering a degree of redundancy used during execution of an application
4 8,037,329 Systems and methods for determining power consumption profiles for resource users and using the profiles for resource allocation
5 8,037,291 Master boot record management
6 8,037,223 Reconfigurable I/O card pins
7 8,037,178 System and method for providing secure access to a remote desktop across firewalls in an interactive grid environment
8 8,037,026 Protected user-controllable volume snapshots
9 8,036,991 Registration of a mobile computing device for a service on a wireless network
10 8,036,983 System for and method of web based non-wage compensation
11 8,036,683 Coordination among multiple co-located radio modules
12 8,036,494 Enhancing image resolution
13 8,036,456 Masking a visual defect
14 8,035,911 Cartridge drive diagnostic tools
15 8,035,675 Aligning beams over successive reflections by facets of rotating polygonal mirror
16 8,035,665 Methods and systems for using control data to control a display of an image by a display device
17 8,035,653 Dynamically adjustable elements of an on-screen display
18 8,033,812 Systems to produce an object through solid freeform fabrication
19 8,033,515 System for mounting devices to a display