Hewlett-Packard patents granted on 11 September 2007

28 US patents granted on 11 September 2007 and assigned to Hewlett-Packard

1 7,269,781 Discrete universal denoising with reliability information
2 7,269,753 Mapping power system components
3 7,269,751 Supplying power to at least one electrical device based on an efficient operating point of a power supply
4 7,269,746 Method of transmitting identification data from an option pack to a main unit before the option pack is fully powered
5 7,269,731 Message authorization system and method
6 7,269,726 Lightweight public key infrastructure employing unsigned certificates
7 7,269,689 System and method for sharing storage resources between multiple files
8 7,269,653 Wireless network communications methods, communications device operational methods, wireless networks, configuration devices, communications systems, and articles of manufacture
9 7,269,631 Architecture for parallel distributed table driven I/O mapping
10 7,269,544 System and method for identifying special word usage in a document
11 7,269,531 Hybrid sensing techniques for position determination
12 7,269,321 System and method of configuring fiber optic communication channels between arrays of emitters and detectors
13 7,269,303 Remote digital image enhancement system and method
14 7,269,295 Digital image processing methods, digital image devices, and articles of manufacture
15 7,269,111 Detecting radius of optically writable label side of optical disc at which markings have not been written
16 7,269,018 Method and apparatus for attaching multiple heat sinks to multiple non-coplanar components
17 7,268,970 Method and apparatus for storing data on magnetic tape
18 7,268,942 Method of making a self-aligned light guide screen
19 7,268,933 Discharge of MEM devices having charge induced via focused beam to enter different states
20 7,268,923 Document scanner for scanning books
21 7,268,901 Intelligent printing by a kiosk
22 7,268,899 Secure system for delivery of a fax to a remote user
23 7,268,802 Photography system with remote control subject designation and digital framing
24 7,268,795 Labeling methods and apparatus using electromagnetic radiation
25 7,268,315 Monitoring slot formation in substrates
26 7,267,442 Pixelated color wobulation
27 7,267,422 Purging fixing-liquid ejection devices
28 7,267,334 Active media kicker system