Hewlett-Packard patents granted on 12 July 2011

20 US patents granted on 12 July 2011 and assigned to Hewlett-Packard

1 7,979,862 System and method for replacing an inoperable master workload management process
2 7,979,795 System and method for inputting syllables of a phonetic script into a computer
3 7,979,742 Recoverability of a dataset associated with a multi-tier storage system
4 7,979,739 Systems and methods for managing a redundant management module
5 7,979,725 Computer power conservation apparatus and method that controls speculative execution by adjusting branch confidence threshold based on processor load
6 7,979,715 Replaceable print cartridge
7 7,979,698 Apparatus and method for proving authenticity with personal characteristics
8 7,979,647 Method of storing data on a secondary storage device
9 7,979,632 Storage system including a fast storage device for storing redundant data
10 7,979,619 Emulating a line-based interrupt transaction in response to a message signaled interrupt
11 7,979,491 Producing chunks from input data using a plurality of processing elements
12 7,979,087 Task switching between two computing devices
13 7,978,686 System and method for feature-based services control using SIP
14 7,978,419 Scan lens for imaging device
15 7,978,245 Method and apparatus for controlling color balance in a digital imaging device
16 7,978,214 Apparatus and method of reducing banding artifact visibility in a scanning apparatus
17 7,977,622 Tuning an optical resonator using a feedback signal representing an average DC balanced coding
18 7,977,023 Ink formulations and methods of making ink formulations
19 7,976,623 Ink-jet inks containing sulfonated aromatic compounds for reducing ozone fade
20 7,976,291 Motor cooler