Hewlett-Packard patents granted on 13 May 2008

33 US patents granted on 13 May 2008 and assigned to Hewlett-Packard

1 D568,929 Printer
2 D568,887 Computer having a door
3 D568,886 Computer having a door
4 D568,866 Speaker
5 7,373,665 Propagation of viruses through an information technology network
6 7,373,662 Secure resource access
7 7,373,619 Post-silicon test coverage verification
8 7,373,565 Start/stop circuit for performance counter
9 7,373,555 Systems and methods controlling transaction draining for error recovery
10 7,373,553 Computer support network with customer portal to monitor incident-handling status by vendor’s computer service system
11 7,373,497 Methods and apparatus for rapidly activating previously inactive components in a computer system
12 7,373,467 Storage device flow control
13 7,373,457 Cache coherence protocol for a multiple bus multiprocessor system
14 7,373,411 Configuration information generation system and method
15 7,373,408 Network communication apparatus and method
16 7,373,399 System and method for an enterprise-to-enterprise compare within a utility data center (UDC)
17 7,373,363 Method of managing modification of configuration states of resources in a dynamic data center
18 7,373,268 Method and system for dynamically controlling cooling resources in a data center
19 7,373,265 Data storage device and a method of reading data in a data storage device
20 7,373,173 Sharing image items
21 7,373,059 Compact, single chip-based, entangled polarization-state photon sources and methods for generating photons in entangled polarization states
22 7,373,008 Grayscale and binary image data compression
23 7,372,993 Gesture recognition
24 7,372,820 System and method for striping delay-sensitive data over multiple bursty channels
25 7,372,661 Tape guide system for engaging different tape widths
26 7,372,562 Dynamic random separation among nanoparticles for nano enhanced Raman spectroscopy (NERS) molecular sensing
27 7,372,550 Measuring distance using perspective
28 7,372,482 System and method of capturing and providing supplemental data associated with a digital image
29 7,372,366 Seal method and system for packages
30 7,372,147 Supporting a circuit package including a substrate having a solder column array
31 7,372,026 System for repositioning a microfabricated cantilever
32 7,371,481 Electrode having macropores and micropores therein
33 7,371,273 Latexes and ink-jet inks prepared using blocked acid monomers