Hewlett-Packard patents granted on 14 March 2006

17 US patents granted on 14 March 2006 and assigned to Hewlett-Packard

1 7,013,462 Method to map an inventory management system to a configuration management system
2 7,013,460 Specifying an invariant property (range of addresses) in the annotation in source code of the computer program
3 7,013,449 Method of designing custom circuit device using scheduling clock cycles
4 7,013,378 Method and system for minimizing the length of a defect list for a storage device
5 7,013,376 Method and system for data block sparing in a solid-state storage device
6 7,013,005 System and method for prioritizing contacts
7 7,012,965 High speed leading or trailing bit value detection
8 7,012,916 Method and apparatus for accessing communication data relevant to a target entity identified by a number string
9 7,012,808 Multi-configurable telecommunications rack mounting system and method incorporating same
10 7,012,803 Computer system having hard drive latching mechanism
11 7,012,644 Multiple output node charge coupled device
12 7,012,605 Method for generating fonts from very small data sets
13 7,012,234 Apparatus and method for capturing oversize images for imaging devices
14 7,011,434 Non-imaging photon concentrator
15 7,011,433 Datum structure for ensuring alignment with respect to a reflector assembly
16 7,011,388 Method and apparatus for servicing an inkjet print head
17 7,011,144 System and method for cooling electronic assemblies