Hewlett-Packard patents granted on 14 October 2008

50 US patents granted on 14 October 2008 and assigned to Hewlett-Packard

1 7,437,758 Propagation of viruses through an information technology network
2 7,437,734 Propagating web transaction context into common object model (COM) business logic components
3 7,437,715 System and method for generating a set of robot commands based on user entry events in a user interface
4 7,437,675 System and method for monitoring event based systems
5 7,437,651 System and method for controlling application of an error correction code (ECC) algorithm in a memory subsystem
6 7,437,606 Method of checkpointing parallel processes in execution within plurality of process domains
7 7,437,587 Method and system for updating a value of a slow register to a value of a fast register
8 7,437,568 Apparatus and method for establishing trust
9 7,437,559 Electronic message authentication
10 7,437,524 Method and apparatus for dumping memory
11 7,437,451 System and method for collecting desired information for network transactions at the kernel level
12 7,437,439 System and method for the hybrid harvesting of information from peripheral devices
13 7,437,438 System and method for energy efficient data prefetching
14 7,437,437 Access authentication for distributed networks
15 7,437,386 System and method for a multi-node environment with shared storage
16 7,437,338 Providing information regarding a trend based on output of a categorizer
17 7,437,334 Preparing data for machine learning
18 7,437,311 Image forming devices and marketing methods
19 7,437,258 Use of I2C programmable clock generator to enable frequency variation under BMC control
20 7,437,104 Developer cleaning
21 7,437,007 Region-of-interest editing of a video stream in the compressed domain
22 7,436,969 Method and system for optimizing denoising parameters using compressibility
23 7,436,956 Document encryption
24 7,436,950 Apparatus and method for real-time power distribution management
25 7,436,917 Controller for clock synchronizer
26 7,436,885 Method for presenting streaming media
27 7,436,777 Failed link training
28 7,436,674 Electronic device display panel
29 7,436,659 Upside down PC
30 7,436,655 Personal computing device with removable accessory module
31 7,436,571 Micro-displays
32 7,436,555 Systems and methods for verifying scanning mode selection
33 7,436,530 Method and system for print consumables management
34 7,436,421 Apparatus and methods for forming optically visible marks on a rotating media
35 7,436,303 Rack sensor controller for asset tracking
36 7,436,209 Nanoscale electronic latch
37 7,435,763 Solid freeform compositions, methods of application thereof, and systems for use thereof
38 7,435,497 Metal coated polymer electrolyte membrane having a reinforcement structure
39 7,435,450 Surface modification of silica in an aqueous environment
40 7,435,448 Sulfur-containing inorganic media coatings for ink-jet applications
41 7,435,367 Cement system including a binder for use in freeform fabrication
42 7,435,072 Methods and systems for producing an object through solid freeform fabrication
43 7,435,022 Apparatus and method to avoid detecting output motion and media movement
44 7,434,941 System and method for arc lamp power control
45 7,434,940 Light coupling system and method
46 7,434,938 Display device movable for front and rear projection
47 7,434,911 System and method to hide die-to-die boundary banding defects in a drum printer
48 7,434,901 Apparatus for adjusting a spacing between a printhead and a print medium in a printer
49 7,434,743 Reversible fan of electronic module
50 7,434,309 Method and apparatus for supporting a circuit component having solder column interconnects using an external support