Hewlett-Packard patents granted on 15 June 2010

26 US patents granted on 15 June 2010 and assigned to Hewlett-Packard

1 D617,800 Computer system front panel
2 7,739,732 Graphical user interface that permits the selection of a security setting to control access to a removable storage device
3 7,739,679 Object ordering tool for facilitating generation of firmware update friendly binary image
4 7,739,654 Model curation for integrated circuit designs
5 7,739,548 Determining actual power consumption for system power performance states
6 7,739,536 Intelligent frequency and voltage margining
7 7,739,486 Electronic device supporting multiple update agents
8 7,739,485 Cached field replaceable unit EEPROM data
9 7,739,478 Multiple address sequence cache pre-fetching
10 7,739,441 Communicating between a native fully buffered dual in-line memory module protocol and a double data rate synchronous dynamic random access memory protocol
11 7,739,438 Method for priority-encoding interrupts and vectoring to interrupt code
12 7,739,418 Resource management system
13 7,739,313 Method and system for finding conjunctive clusters
14 7,739,240 Replication and replica management in a wide area file system
15 7,738,883 Method and apparatus for providing information about a real-world space
16 7,738,681 Fingerprint and physical attribute detection
17 7,738,467 Output port based double Q tagging
18 7,738,242 System and method for displaying chassis component information
19 7,737,847 Wireless monitoring for an electronics system
20 7,737,196 Compositions and methods for producing urethane coated pigment particles
21 7,737,006 Methods and apparatus to form electronic components with at least one N- or P-doped portion
22 7,736,829 Charge adjuvants in electrostatic inks
23 7,736,828 Liquid toner methods of producing same
24 7,736,817 Method of forming an interface between components having different rates of expansion
25 7,735,985 Cartridge holder
26 7,735,649 Packaging assembly for containing and displaying a product