Hewlett-Packard patents granted on 15 September 2009

23 US patents granted on 15 September 2009 and assigned to Hewlett-Packard

1 D600,240 Notebook computer
2 7,590,941 Communication and collaboration system using rich media environments
3 7,590,937 Graphical user interface for procurement risk management system
4 7,590,909 In-circuit testing system and method
5 7,590,885 Method and system of copying memory from a source processor to a target processor by duplicating memory writes
6 7,590,872 Hot swappable power supply device and method of operation
7 7,590,868 Method and apparatus for managing encrypted data on a computer readable medium
8 7,590,746 Systems and methods of maintaining availability of requested network resources
9 7,590,738 Method and system for processing concurrent events in a provisional network
10 7,590,631 System and method for guiding navigation through a hypertext system
11 7,590,618 System and method for providing location profile data for network nodes
12 7,590,554 System and method for forecasting uncertain events with adjustments for participants characteristics
13 7,590,522 Virtual mass storage device for server management information
14 7,590,509 System and method for testing a processor
15 7,590,141 Method and apparatus for an automatic network boot procedure for a resource in a utility computing environment
16 7,589,737 System and method for communicating graphics image data over a communication network
17 7,589,731 Graphics systems and methods
18 7,589,647 Computing device antenna identification system and method
19 7,589,560 Apparatus for configuring I/O signal levels of interfacing logic circuits
20 7,589,420 Print head with reduced bonding stress and method
21 7,588,492 Air plenum
22 7,588,318 System and method for assuring proper pen loading
23 7,588,302 System and method for detecting pen-to-paper spacing in a printing system