Hewlett-Packard patents granted on 16 August 2011

29 US patents granted on 16 August 2011 and assigned to Hewlett-Packard

1 8,001,556 Media device with a disc tray moved by two motors
2 8,001,488 User interface dial with display
3 8,001,485 Method, system and apparatus using a sensory cue to indicate subsequent action characteristics for data communications
4 8,001,425 Preserving state information of a storage subsystem in response to communication loss to the storage subsystem
5 8,001,407 Server configured for managing power and performance
6 8,001,353 Apparatus and method for configuring memory blocks
7 8,001,310 Scalable computer node having an expansion module that is socket-compatible with a central processing unit
8 8,001,273 Parallel processing of input data to locate landmarks for chunks
9 8,001,257 Supplying electronic content to networked appliances
10 8,001,177 Method and apparatus for automated personal information management data transfer for a wireless enabled handheld
11 8,001,158 Systems and processes for evaluating database complexities
12 8,001,016 Pharmaceutical product packaging
13 8,000,656 Apparatus and methods for performing calibration of a mobile computing device
14 8,000,529 System and method for creating an editable template from a document image
15 8,000,462 Screening of calls in a packet-based network
16 8,000,322 Crossbar switch debugging
17 8,000,265 Method and system for determining network topology of a virtual private network in multi protocol label switching (MPLS) based virtual private networks (VPNs)
18 8,000,244 Shared rate limiters using floating buckets
19 8,000,101 System and method for attaching liquid cooling apparatus to a chassis
20 8,000,099 Power supply cooling system
21 7,999,966 Color content detection
22 7,999,965 Information management apparatus, information output system, portable terminal, and information outputting method
23 7,999,855 Image capture device having motion sensing means
24 7,999,743 Multiband antenna array for mobile radio equipment
25 7,999,211 Heating element structure with isothermal and localized output
26 7,997,714 Matting liquid for ink-jet printing
27 7,997,713 Thermal ink-jet including polymer encapsulated pigment
28 7,997,698 Ink delivery system and methods for improved printing
29 7,997,677 Convertible printer