Hewlett-Packard patents granted on 16 December 2008

35 US patents granted on 16 December 2008 and assigned to Hewlett-Packard

1 7,467,370 Apparatus and method for creating a trusted environment
2 7,467,333 System and method for interposition-based selective simulation of faults for access requests to a data storage system
3 7,467,330 System and method for journal recovery for multinode environments
4 7,467,329 Method of estimating storage system reliability
5 7,467,328 Kernel configuration recovery
6 7,467,327 Method and system of aligning execution point of duplicate copies of a user program by exchanging information about instructions executed
7 7,467,306 Methods and systems for allocating power to an electronic device
8 7,467,274 Method to increase the life span of limited cycle read/write media
9 7,467,268 Concurrent data restore and background copy operations in storage networks
10 7,467,264 Methods and apparatuses for determining the state of a memory element
11 7,467,252 Configurable I/O bus architecture
12 7,467,247 Timeouts on accessing a shared resource
13 7,467,228 Diversified host based route selection metric
14 7,467,145 System and method for analyzing processes
15 7,466,884 Photonic-interconnect systems for reading data from memory cells and writing data to memory integrated circuits
16 7,466,881 Optical switch
17 7,466,699 System for communicating between network end-points using a payload offset and buffer pool handle
18 7,466,668 Reduced pin-count system interface for gigabit ethernet physical layer devices
19 7,466,544 Latching mechanism
20 7,466,475 Light blocking electrical interconnect
21 7,466,410 Photonic-based sensors and methods for detecting analytes
22 7,466,407 Photonic crystal Raman sensors and methods including the same
23 7,466,356 Method and apparatus for setting a marker on an object and tracking the position of the object
24 7,466,321 Method and apparatus for the creation of cartoon effect videos
25 7,466,313 Method for interactive construction of virtual 3D models
26 7,466,309 Display system and method using a projector and a reflective display
27 7,466,306 Multi-display computer system and method
28 7,466,234 Package distinguishing system
29 7,465,954 Nanowire devices and systems, light-emitting nanowires, and methods of precisely positioning nanoparticles
30 7,465,765 Latex particulates with epoxide functional groups
31 7,465,600 Package for a micro-electro mechanical device
32 7,465,343 Inkjet ink for use on polymeric substrate
33 7,465,170 Extended input/output card capacity computer system
34 7,465,054 Focusing arrangement
35 7,465,040 Labyrinth seal structure with redundant fluid flow paths