Hewlett-Packard patents granted on 17 April 2007

27 US patents granted on 17 April 2007 and assigned to Hewlett-Packard

1 7,207,069 Branch locking of job tickets to control concurrency
2 7,207,059 Wireless communication system utilizing antenna dongle
3 7,206,987 Error detection and correction in a layered, 3-dimensional storage architecture
4 7,206,969 Opportunistic pattern-based CPU functional testing
5 7,206,966 Fault-tolerant multi-core microprocessing
6 7,206,960 Bus clock frequency management based on device load
7 7,206,904 Method and system for buffering multiple requests from multiple devices to a memory
8 7,206,889 Systems and methods for enabling communications among devices in a multi-cache line size environment and disabling communications among devices of incompatible cache line sizes
9 7,206,848 Intelligently classifying and handling user requests in a data service system
10 7,206,786 Method and system for adapting memory-resident database in flexible service logic execution environment
11 7,206,559 System and method for a mobile computing device to control appliances
12 7,206,483 Method of forming a plurality of optical waveguide bundles
13 7,206,304 Method and apparatus for determining a telephone number for accessing a target entity
14 7,206,167 Servo write method for magnetic tape
15 7,206,156 Tape drive error management
16 7,205,941 Composite material with powered resonant cells
17 7,205,675 Micro-fabricated device with thermoelectric device and method of making
18 7,204,933 Method of forming pillars in a fully integrated thermal inkjet printhead
19 7,204,873 Pigment-based inks for ink-jet printing
20 7,204,872 Versatile water-soluble dye-based ink-jet inks
21 7,204,599 Offset projection system
22 7,204,585 Method and system for improving printer performance
23 7,204,483 Sheet media input tray
24 D540,853 Printhead service unit
25 D540,839 Front portion of a camera housing
26 D540,806 Computer having a front bezel
27 D540,805 Computer having a pull-tab