Hewlett-Packard patents granted on 17 August 2010

20 US patents granted on 17 August 2010 and assigned to Hewlett-Packard

1 7,779,424 System and method for attributing to a corresponding virtual machine CPU usage of an isolated driver domain in which a shared resource’s device driver resides
2 7,779,368 Systems and methods for presenting managed data
3 7,779,344 System and method for creating a value-based stacked bar chart
4 7,779,267 Method and apparatus for using a secret in a distributed computing system
5 7,779,257 System and method for constraint resolution
6 7,779,240 System and method for reducing power consumption in a data processor having a clustered architecture
7 7,779,218 Data synchronization management
8 7,779,127 System and method for determining a subset of transactions of a computing system for use in determing resource costs
9 7,779,096 System and method for managing a shared streaming media service
10 7,778,804 Network system analysis
11 7,778,715 Methods and systems for a prediction model
12 7,778,589 Method and apparatus for sheet handling in an imaging device
13 7,778,586 Waste toner solidification apparatus for a printing device
14 7,778,501 Integrated circuits having photonic interconnect layers and methods for fabricating same
15 7,778,061 Crossbar-memory systems and methods for writing to and reading from crossbar memory junctions of crossbar-memory systems
16 7,777,784 Apparatus and method for generating multiple images from a single image
17 7,777,754 System and method for communicating graphics image data over a communication network
18 7,777,403 Photonic-crystal filament and methods
19 7,776,559 Disposable blood test device
20 7,775,486 Webcam assembly with clamp and stand forms