Hewlett-Packard patents granted on 18 September 2007

28 US patents granted on 18 September 2007 and assigned to Hewlett-Packard

1 7,272,849 System and method for sharing data
2 7,272,832 Method of protecting user process data in a secure platform inaccessible to the operating system and other tasks on top of the secure platform
3 7,272,806 System and method for evaluating power and ground vias in a package design
4 7,272,733 Method of providing dynamic power redundancy based on a difference of current power units and currently needed power units
5 7,272,732 Controlling power consumption of at least one computer system
6 7,272,730 Application-driven method and apparatus for limiting power consumption in a processor-controlled hardware platform
7 7,272,712 Data structure and method for managing modules associated with a kernel
8 7,272,702 Method and apparatus for managing access to out-of-frame registers
9 7,272,626 E-service management through distributed correlation
10 7,272,621 Previous calculation reuse in a calculator
11 7,272,548 Method of simulating an enterprise computing management system
12 7,272,407 Display on wireless mobile device
13 7,272,305 Photography system that detects the position of a remote control and frames photographs accordingly
14 7,272,148 Non-ALG approach for application layer session traversal of IPv6/IPv4 NAT-PT gateway
15 7,272,111 Active queue management process
16 7,272,076 Method for determining a warranty start date
17 7,272,012 Removable storage modules
18 7,271,830 Motion detection in an image capturing device
19 7,271,822 Seamless stitching of multiple image fields in a wide-format laser printer
20 7,271,749 Context-based denoiser that simultaneously updates probabilities for multiple contexts
21 7,270,944 Compositions, systems, and methods for imaging
22 7,270,943 Compositions, systems, and methods for imaging
23 7,270,929 Media for laser imaging
24 7,270,865 Black leuco dyes for use in CD/DVD labeling
25 7,270,572 Component connector
26 7,270,458 Curved light guide screen
27 7,270,407 Methods for digitally printing on ceramics
28 7,270,005 Transducer-based sensor system