Hewlett-Packard patents granted on 19 February 2008

28 US patents granted on 19 February 2008 and assigned to Hewlett-Packard

1 7,334,186 System and method for creation of video annotations
2 7,334,143 Computer power conservation apparatus and method that enables less speculative execution during light processor load based on a branch confidence threshold value
3 7,334,112 Method and apparatus for managing access to out-of-frame registers
4 7,334,028 Tiered multi-source software support using automated diagnostic-data transfers
5 7,334,017 Content provider entity for communication session
6 7,333,653 Detecting and correcting redeye in an image
7 7,333,498 Method and apparatus for separating data packets in a memory buffer
8 7,333,485 Network communication device including bonded ports for increased bandwidth
9 7,333,329 Media drive containment apparatus and method
10 7,333,325 Battery for dockable electronic device
11 7,333,324 Latch assembly that facilitates the insertion and removal of a battery module from an electronic device
12 7,333,293 Storage system having a reader with a light sensing portion inclined with respect to an axis of a label of a storage medium
13 7,333,291 System and method for reducing tracking noise in a tape drive
14 7,333,250 Image scanner with a single motor providing two-dimensional movement of photosensors
15 7,333,245 System and method for printing retained print jobs
16 7,333,240 Color image processor
17 7,333,238 Rendering a printing device pixel map
18 7,333,125 Marking replaceable resource units within printing devices
19 7,332,983 Tunable delay line using selectively connected grounding means
20 7,332,828 Causing operation of load in alternate, reduced peak power mode
21 7,332,532 Polymeric dispersants for ink-jet applications
22 7,332,411 Systems and methods for wafer bonding by localized induction heating
23 7,332,263 Method for patterning an organic light emitting diode device
24 7,332,023 Dye-based ink compositions
25 7,331,664 Ink delivery system and a method for replacing ink
26 7,331,574 Media input system
27 7,331,530 Method of obtaining at least a portion of a document
28 7,331,134 Deployable label display system