Hewlett-Packard patents granted on 19 October 2010

33 US patents granted on 19 October 2010 and assigned to Hewlett-Packard

1 7,818,746 System and method for benchmarking using a multi-threaded load generator
2 7,818,646 Expectation based event verification
3 7,818,645 Built-in self-test emulator
4 7,818,623 Kernel debugging in a cluster computing system
5 7,818,614 System and method for reintroducing a processor module to an operating system after lockstep recovery
6 7,818,587 Data transfer system encrypting data with information unique to a removable data storage item
7 7,818,564 Deciphering of fragmented enciphered data packets
8 7,818,530 Data management systems, articles of manufacture, and data storage methods
9 7,818,508 System and method for achieving enhanced memory access capabilities
10 7,818,414 Access authentication for distributed networks
11 7,818,391 System and method to facilitate ordering point migration
12 7,818,297 System and method for refreshing a table using epochs
13 7,818,272 Method for discovery of clusters of objects in an arbitrary undirected graph using a difference between a fraction of internal connections and maximum fraction of connections by an outside object
14 7,818,145 Detecting an error in a prediction of resource usage of an application in a virtual environment
15 7,817,849 Method and apparatus for graphical data compression
16 7,817,653 Priority selection circuit
17 7,817,583 Method for verifying a storage area network configuration
18 7,817,432 Communicating with an electronic module that is slidably mounted in a system
19 7,817,430 Airflow adjustment in an electronic module enclosure
20 7,817,417 Flexible airflow baffle for an electronic system
21 7,817,157 Method and apparatus for capturing slices of video data
22 7,817,129 Integrated line selection apparatus within active matrix arrays
23 7,817,047 Configuring sensor network behavior using tag identifiers
24 7,816,975 Circuit and method for bias voltage generation
25 7,816,722 Memory array
26 7,816,669 Light emitting system and methods for controlling nanocrystal distribution therein
27 7,816,147 Biosensor comprising plant cells capable of exhibiting a state change measurable optically
28 7,815,382 Cutter assembly for a printer
29 7,815,302 Printhead cleaning web assembly
30 7,815,287 Fluid ejection device and method
31 7,815,273 Fluid ejection device
32 7,814,759 Method for controlling system temperature
33 7,814,656 Flexible barrier film structure