Hewlett-Packard patents granted on 21 March 2006

31 US patents granted on 21 March 2006 and assigned to Hewlett-Packard

1 7,017,153 Uninstrumenting in-line code instrumentation via stack unwinding and cleanup
2 7,017,109 E-service to manage contact information and signature ECards
3 7,017,068 Adaptive clock skew in a variably loaded memory bus
4 7,017,056 Method and apparatus for secure remote control of power-on state for computers
5 7,017,034 System and method for using a firmware interface table to dynamically load multiple ACPI SSDT tables
6 7,016,971 Congestion management in a distributed computer system multiplying current variable injection rate with a constant to set new variable injection rate at source node
7 7,016,962 System and method for creating a user interface between an applications and network services
8 7,016,936 Real time electronic service interaction management system and method
9 7,016,889 System and method for identifying useful content in a knowledge repository
10 7,016,848 Voice site personality setting
11 7,016,808 Analyzing and servicing imaging devices
12 7,016,604 Autofocus using a holographic aperture element
13 7,016,494 Multiple cryptographic key precompute and store
14 7,016,085 Remote proofing service adaptively isolated from the internet
15 7,016,061 Load balancing for raster image processing across a printing system
16 7,016,056 Authoring tool for bayesian network diagnostic systems
17 7,015,969 Hand-held image capture apparatus with scanning arrangement
18 7,015,726 Edge detector and method
19 7,015,682 Control of a power factor corrected switching power supply
20 7,014,974 Substrate coating for improved toner transfer and adhesion
21 7,014,929 Fuel cell
22 7,014,301 Printing device configured to receive a plurality of different cartridge types
23 7,014,295 System and method for producing efficient ink drop overlap filled with a pseudo hexagonal grid pattern
24 7,014,153 Cable-securing device
25 7,014,112 Electronic identification label and interrogator for use therewith
26 7,014,099 Data entry device
27 7,013,968 Method and apparatus for individually cooling components of electronic systems
28 D517,560 Computer having a drive carrier
29 D517,550 LCD display
30 D517,549 LCD display
31 D517,544 Notebook computer