Hewlett-Packard patents granted on 22 September 2009

31 US patents granted on 22 September 2009 and assigned to Hewlett-Packard

1 D600,700 Computer tower bezel
2 7,594,233 Processing thread launching using volunteer information
3 7,594,223 Straight-line post-increment optimization for memory access instructions
4 7,594,221 Method and apparatus for translating binary code
5 7,594,158 Parity error checking and compare using shared logic circuitry in a ternary content addressable memory
6 7,594,143 Analysis engine for analyzing a computer system condition
7 7,594,128 Systems and methods to determine processor utilization
8 7,594,109 Digital content distribution system
9 7,594,090 Efficient data storage
10 7,594,047 Buffer circuit
11 7,594,032 Method and system for communicating information between a switch and a plurality of servers in a computer network
12 7,594,016 Calculating numbers of servers for tiers of a multi-tiered system
13 7,594,006 Trending method and apparatus for resource demand in a computing utility
14 7,593,909 Knowledge representation using reflective links for link analysis applications
15 7,593,904 Effecting action to address an issue associated with a category based on information that enables ranking of categories
16 7,593,903 Method and medium for feature selection of partially labeled data
17 7,593,854 Method and system for collecting user-interest information regarding a picture
18 7,593,606 Optical modulator including waveguide grating structure and multiple quantum well layer
19 7,593,546 Telepresence system with simultaneous automatic preservation of user height, perspective, and vertical gaze
20 7,593,219 Display support system and method
21 7,593,170 Random negative index material structures in a three-dimensional volume
22 7,593,023 Method and apparatus for the creation of randomized custom image effects
23 7,592,936 Input distribution determination for denoising
24 7,592,715 Multiple sources of operating power to a load
25 7,592,679 Sensor and method for making the same
26 7,592,255 Fabricating arrays of metallic nanostructures
27 7,592,117 System and method for transferring features to a substrate
28 7,591,889 Dissimilar pigments for use in dark and light inkjet inks
29 7,591,673 Combined power and control signal cable
30 7,591,639 Peristaltic pump
31 7,591,193 Hot-wire nano-anemometer