Hewlett-Packard patents granted on 23 April 2013

25 US patents granted on 23 April 2013 and assigned to Hewlett-Packard

1 D680,582 Ink cartridge
2 D680,547 Stand
3 8,429,602 Identification of user interface controls
4 8,429,524 Document generation and repurposing based on visual hierarchical scores of properties in documents
5 8,429,517 Generating and rendering a template for a pre-defined layout
6 8,429,376 Translation look-aside buffer
7 8,429,216 Generating a hash value from a vector representing a data object
8 8,429,163 Content similarity pyramid
9 8,429,117 Data loading method for a data warehouse
10 8,428,648 Compact removable voice handset for an integrated portable computer system/mobile phone
11 8,428,621 Location-based audio service
12 8,428,517 Dynamic networking modes method and apparatus
13 8,428,495 Coatings for LEP printers, LEP printer structures, LEP printers, and methods of inhibiting sludge formation
14 8,428,371 Method and system to determine whether an image includes spatial adjustments
15 8,427,980 Methods and apparatus to determine and implement multidimensional network topologies
16 8,427,478 Displaying continually-incoming time series that uses overwriting of one portion of the time series data while another portion of the time series data remains unshifted
17 8,427,285 Configurable control of data storage device visual indicators in a server computer system
18 8,426,100 Liquid electrophotographic ink concentrates and methods for preparing the same
19 8,425,993 Print media and methods for making the same
20 8,425,787 Inkjet printhead bridge beam fabrication method
21 8,425,728 Print media for high speed, digital inkjet printing
22 8,425,028 Reducing damaging effects of dissolution within an ink-jet printhead
23 8,425,011 Inkjet printing apparatus and method thereof
24 8,424,986 Printer ink delivery system with intermediate buffer ink tanks
25 8,424,826 Attachment apparatus for an external power supply