Hewlett-Packard patents granted on 23 January 2007

24 US patents granted on 23 January 2007 and assigned to Hewlett-Packard

1 7,168,003 Method and apparatus for automating printer and printer driver diagnostics and repair
2 7,168,001 Transaction processing apparatus and method
3 7,167,987 Use of biometrics to provide physical and logic access to computer devices
4 7,167,979 Invoking mutual anonymity by electing to become head of a return path
5 7,167,975 Wireless Universal Serial Bus link for a computer system
6 7,167,974 Multiple saved kernel configurations
7 7,167,965 Method and system for online data migration on storage systems with performance guarantees
8 7,167,604 Portable document scan accessory for use with a wireless handheld communications device
9 7,167,435 Storage device having a probe with plural tips
10 7,167,434 Storage device having a probe with a first plate that cooperates with a second plate to provide a variable capacitance
11 7,167,391 Multilayer pinned reference layer for a magnetic storage device
12 7,167,371 Low profile latch activator
13 7,167,332 Method and apparatus for recording data onto a recording medium including warning of the approach to an end of medium position
14 7,167,316 Projection lens assembly
15 7,167,314 Projector with total cross total internal reflection (TIR) prisms
16 7,167,267 Noise reduction in an image capturing device
17 7,167,216 Projection system with adjustable aspect ratio optics
18 7,167,201 Device incorporating eye-start capability
19 7,167,080 Memory tag
20 7,167,020 Apparatus and method of tuning a digitally controlled input/output driver
21 7,166,154 System and a method for an edible, optically invisible ink
22 7,165,867 Systems and methods for integrating light
23 7,165,836 Method of thermally sealing the overcoat of multilayer media
24 7,165,675 Media wrapper and method of using the same