Hewlett-Packard patents granted on 23 July 2013

25 US patents granted on 23 July 2013 and assigned to Hewlett-Packard

1 D686,624 Latch for a server
2 8,495,757 System and method for placing an electronic apparatus into a protected state in response to environmental data
3 8,495,662 System and method for improving run-time performance of applications with multithreaded and single threaded routines
4 8,495,354 Apparatus for determining during a power-on sequence, a value to be written to a first register in a secure area and the same value to a second register in non-secure area, which during a protected mode, the value is compared such that if it is equal, enabling writing to a memory
5 8,495,266 Distributed lock
6 8,495,211 Network service system and mechanism for searching service registries
7 8,495,203 Discovering and modeling service protocols
8 8,495,169 Method and system for managing a hierarchical information base with an application layer protocol
9 8,494,282 Blur estimation
10 8,494,262 Transferring colors from a source object to a target object
11 8,493,947 Selecting an access point in a wireless network using a data flow metric
12 8,493,923 Path switching using co-located radios in a multi-hop wireless network
13 8,493,890 Determining node location in a wireless network
14 8,493,839 Method and system of teamed network adapters with offloaded connections
15 8,493,443 Methods and apparatus for location determination and asserting and maintaining privacy
16 8,493,403 Color transformation sample point identification
17 8,493,319 Electronic paper with semiconducting coating
18 8,493,138 Memcapacitive devices
19 8,492,722 Volatile organic compound sensor
20 8,492,700 Dynamic impedance receiver circuit having a first and second impedances during charging and discharging phases respectively for ultrafast low-power photodetector
21 8,492,456 Ink compositions for ink-jet printing
22 8,491,975 Glossy medium for inkjet printing
23 8,491,767 Electrophoretic cell and method employing differential mobility
24 8,491,702 Moisture content control system
25 8,491,086 Hard imaging devices and hard imaging method