Hewlett-Packard patents granted on 24 April 2012

8 US patents granted on 24 April 2012 and assigned to Hewlett-Packard

1 8,166,334 Redriver with two reference clocks and method of operation thereof
2 8,166,288 Managing requests of operating systems executing in virtual machines
3 8,166,185 System and method for enterprise software distribution
4 8,166,173 Inviting assistant entity into a network communication session
5 8,166,171 Provision of resource allocation information
6 8,166,167 System and method for providing customized rendering of content
7 8,165,972 Determining a feature related to an indication of a concept using a classifier
8 8,165,445 System, method, and computer-readable medium for analyzing an MPEG-formatted file