Hewlett-Packard patents granted on 24 January 2006

48 US patents granted on 24 January 2006 and assigned to Hewlett-Packard

1 6,990,664 System and method for managing a workflow process
2 6,990,662 Method and system for offloading execution and resources for resource-constrained networked devices
3 6,990,643 Method and apparatus for determining whether an element in an integrated circuit is a feedback element
4 6,990,622 Method for error correction decoding in an MRAM device (historical erasures)
5 6,990,612 System and method for preventing software errors
6 6,990,610 Combining commands to form a test command
7 6,990,608 Method for handling node failures and reloads in a fault tolerant clustered database supporting transaction registration and fault-in logic
8 6,990,593 Method for diverting power reserves and shifting activities according to activity priorities in a server cluster in the event of a power interruption
9 6,990,576 System and method for using a firmware interface table to dynamically load an ACPI SSDT
10 6,990,568 Retiring early-completion instructions to improve computer operation throughput
11 6,990,562 Memory controller to communicate with memory devices that are associated with differing data/strobe ratios
12 6,990,559 Mechanism for resolving ambiguous invalidates in a computer system
13 6,990,548 Methods and arrangements for configuring a printer over a wireless communication link using a wireless communication device
14 6,990,546 Hot docking drive wedge and port replicator
15 6,990,544 Method and apparatus for detecting the presence of a hot-pluggable component in a computer system
16 6,990,539 Apparatus and method of implementing BREQ routing to allow functionality with 2 way or 4 way processors
17 6,990,507 Parity prediction for arithmetic increment function
18 6,990,485 System and method for inducing a top-down hierarchical categorizer
19 6,990,311 Apparatus and method for limiting media movement on an imaging apparatus
20 6,990,280 Optical path with electrically conductive cladding
21 6,990,211 Audio system and method
22 6,990,202 Packetizing devices for secure scalable data streaming
23 6,990,030 Magnetic memory having a calibration system
24 6,990,012 Magnetic memory device
25 6,989,990 High serviceability liquid cooling loop using tubing hinge
26 6,989,988 Duct for cooling multiple components in a processor-based device
27 6,989,975 Magnetoresistive device including pinned structure with a layer that provides texture for pinning
28 6,989,918 Transparency adapter with light table
29 6,989,916 Scanner screen using computer monitor as external light source
30 6,989,910 Method and apparatus for automatic installation of shared printers over a network
31 6,989,866 System and method for indicating information on an imaging device lens stop
32 6,989,861 User selection of power-on configuration
33 6,989,860 Method and apparatus for auto-exposure control in the presence of artificial illumination
34 6,989,827 System and method for transferring data through a video interface
35 6,989,773 Media data encoding device
36 6,989,753 Method of and computer for identifying reminder event
37 6,989,684 System for and method of assessing chip acceptability and increasing yield
38 6,989,628 Storage apparatus having a planar electron emitter
39 6,989,623 Method and apparatus for measurement using piezoelectric sensor
40 6,989,523 Photon number resolving systems and methods
41 6,989,327 Forming a contact in a thin-film device
42 6,989,210 Fuel cartridge with thermo-degradable barrier system
43 6,989,053 Ink-jet inks exhibiting increased slewing decap time
44 6,989,049 Airborne conductive contaminant handler
45 6,988,924 Method of making a getter structure
46 6,988,797 Unbacked fabric transport and condition system
47 6,988,796 Non-reactive ink vehicle formulation
48 6,988,793 Collapsible ink reservoir with a collapse resisting insert