Hewlett-Packard patents granted on 24 October 2006

23 US patents granted on 24 October 2006 and assigned to Hewlett-Packard

1 D530,738 Printer
2 D530,721 Digital entertainment center
3 D530,718 Personal computer bezel
4 7,127,716 Method of load balancing a distributed workflow management system
5 7,127,625 Application management based on power consumption
6 7,127,554 Writing data to a storage medium in data sets commencing at a same position along the storage medium
7 7,127,536 Source-synchronous receiver having a predetermined data receive time
8 7,127,531 System and method for processing computer I/O port post codes
9 7,127,498 Software application domain and storage domain constraining process and method
10 7,127,483 Method and system of a microprocessor subtraction-division floating point divider
11 7,127,455 Taxonomy for mobile e-services
12 7,127,433 Method for generating pay-per-page pricing data for managed printer services
13 7,127,235 Multiple protocol database
14 7,126,948 Method and system for performing a hash transformation to generate a hash pointer for an address input by using rotation
15 7,126,821 Ventilated casing for an electronic device
16 7,126,771 Data read channel and method of controlling the same
17 7,126,741 Light modulator assembly
18 7,126,723 Producing engraving-style halftone images
19 7,126,639 Digital camera printing user interface responsive to location
20 7,126,601 Graphics memory system that utilizes detached-Z buffering in conjunction with a batching architecture to reduce paging overhead
21 7,125,731 Drop generator for ultra-small droplets
22 7,125,644 Systems and methods for storing data on an optical disk
23 7,125,101 Photonically activated fluid ejector apparatus and methods