Hewlett-Packard patents granted on 25 December 2007

35 US patents granted on 25 December 2007 and assigned to Hewlett-Packard

1 D558,266 Printer
2 D558,265 Printer
3 D558,260 Printer
4 D557,956 Stand for a flat panel television
5 7,313,791 Firmware update network and process employing preprocessing techniques
6 7,313,749 System and method for applying error correction code (ECC) erasure mode and clearing recorded information from a page deallocation table
7 7,313,731 Systems and methods for identifying erroneous transactions
8 7,313,707 Systems and methods for configuring ports
9 7,313,706 System and method for managing power consumption for a plurality of processors based on a supply voltage to each processor, temperature, total power consumption and individual processor power consumption
10 7,313,694 Secure file access control via directory encryption
11 7,313,685 Unattended BIOS recovery
12 7,313,680 Apparatus and method for detecting the presence of a floppy drive by reading a general purpose input prior to reading a floppy drive controller
13 7,313,668 Immediate virtual memory
14 7,313,585 Multiplier circuit
15 7,313,575 Data services handler
16 7,313,503 Designing layout for internet datacenter cooling
17 7,313,461 Data connectivity with a robotic device
18 7,313,238 Method and system for relating cryptographic keys
19 7,313,210 System and method for establishing a known timing relationship between two clock signals
20 7,313,177 Reset scheme for I/O pads in a source synchronous system
21 7,313,102 System and method for subnet configuration and selection
22 7,313,101 Need-based filtering for rapid selection of devices in a tree topology network
23 7,312,928 Projection system field lens
24 7,312,917 Variable focal length electro-optic lens
25 7,312,905 Method for scanner lamp warm-up optimization
26 7,312,898 Transformation of an input image to produce an output image
27 7,312,827 Graphical displays
28 7,312,821 Time-sliced still image generation
29 7,312,817 Printer and docking station having a digital camera docking port with an image magnifier
30 7,312,807 Device for maintaining an edge of a print media against a printing drum
31 7,312,404 Conductive contamination reliability solution for assembling substrates
32 7,311,395 Optimized ink jet printing of barcodes
33 7,311,376 Imaging device and method
34 7,311,303 Apparatus and method for distributing print media
35 7,311,044 Imaging device cooling system