Hewlett-Packard patents granted on 25 October 2011

70 US patents granted on 25 October 2011 and assigned to Hewlett-Packard

1 8,046,838 Using a modulation transfer function of a device to create digital content for the device
2 8,046,790 Media projector system for preventing the display of on-screen display information
3 8,046,768 Apparatus and method for detecting resource consumption and preventing workload starvation
4 8,046,767 Systems and methods for providing capacity management of resource pools for servicing workloads
5 8,046,766 Process assignment to physical processors using minimum and maximum processor shares
6 8,046,765 System and method for determining allocation of resource access demands to different classes of service based at least in part on permitted degraded performance
7 8,046,760 Lock contention pinpointing
8 8,046,759 Resource allocation method and system
9 8,046,753 Mobile handset with symbian OS and update agent
10 8,046,693 Obtaining user feedback on displayed items
11 8,046,674 Internet browsing system
12 8,046,656 Rendering and correcting data
13 8,046,642 TCAM BIST with redundancy
14 8,046,624 Propagation of viruses through an information technology network
15 8,046,614 Integrated circuit having a networking interface module supporting a plurality of protocols
16 8,046,608 Method and system for managing power supply to at least one device
17 8,046,604 Power sharing between portable computer system and peripheral devices
18 8,046,592 Method and apparatus for securing the privacy of sensitive information in a data-handling system
19 8,046,578 System and method for providing HTML authentication using an access controller
20 8,046,572 Booting system, boot program, and method therefor
21 8,046,569 Processing element having dual control stores to minimize branch latency
22 8,046,552 Tracking metadata changes during data copy in a storage system
23 8,046,534 Managing snapshots in storage systems
24 8,046,529 Updating control information in non-volatile memory to control selection of content
25 8,046,471 Regressive transport message delivery system and method
26 8,046,469 System and method for interfacing with virtual storage
27 8,046,460 Automatic server deployment using a pre-provisioned logical volume
28 8,046,450 Associating network ports of a computer system with network ports of a network device
29 8,046,447 Mechanism for specifying port-related data from network devices
30 8,046,409 Communications methods, collaboration session communications organizers, collaboration sessions, and articles of manufacture
31 8,046,373 Structured parallel data intensive computing
32 8,046,294 Bidding in online auctions
33 8,046,279 System and method for comparing results of multiple lot auctions using different sequencing rules
34 8,046,196 Modular networked sensor assembly
35 8,046,113 System and method for cooling a heat-generating device
36 8,046,032 Panel construction for housing keypads of mobile computing device
37 8,046,014 Management of messages included in a message thread displayed by a handheld device
38 8,045,971 Communications network capable of determining SIM card changes in electronic devices
39 8,045,933 Mobile phone terminal with programmable microelements
40 8,045,866 Hard imaging methods, liquid marking agent monitoring methods, and hard imaging devices
41 8,045,753 Method of and system for authenticating an item
42 8,045,730 Methods and systems for reducing acoustic echoes in communication systems
43 8,045,713 Cryptographic key update management method and apparatus
44 8,045,584 Method and system for utilizing a tag to optimize portion of data transfer
45 8,045,566 Automated router load balancing
46 8,045,562 Estimating link interference and bandwidth
47 8,045,560 Method and system for managing a network having multiple domains
48 8,045,550 Packet tunneling
49 8,045,467 Reducing a number of data packets to increase a number of error correcting packets
50 8,045,466 Communication method and apparatus
51 8,045,289 Data transfer apparatus for use with tape cartridges having a helical cammed surface and tape cartridges having cammed surface for use with such data transfer apparatus
52 8,045,253 Sub-diffraction-limited imaging systems and methods
53 8,045,215 Printer object list resolutions
54 8,045,167 Determining solid concentration of an ink
55 8,045,060 Asynchronous camera/projector system for video segmentation
56 8,045,009 Image-exposure systems and methods using detecting motion of a camera to terminate exposure
57 8,044,804 Localizing a tag using variable signal range
58 8,044,792 System and method for controlling remote sensors
59 8,044,381 Light emitting diode (LED)
60 8,044,212 Reconfigurable molecules and molecular switches, sensors, and dyes employing the same
61 8,043,880 Microelectronic device
62 8,043,687 Structure including a graphene layer and method for forming the same
63 8,043,517 Method of forming openings in substrates and inkjet printheads fabricated thereby
64 8,043,416 System and method for controlling foam in a printing system
65 8,042,995 Method for monitoring temperature of computer components to determine ambient chassis temperature
66 8,042,932 Drum printer with continuous load-print-unload cycle
67 8,042,913 Fluid ejection device with deflective flexible membrane
68 8,042,910 Replaceable printbar assembly
69 8,042,908 Fluid ejector device
70 8,042,894 Apparatus that uses consumable items and a method of managing such apparatus