Hewlett-Packard patents granted on 26 February 2013

41 US patents granted on 26 February 2013 and assigned to Hewlett-Packard

1 D676,871 Computing device display screen with computer generated icon
2 D676,869 Computing device display screen with computer generated icon
3 D676,856 Row of keys for a keypad for a mobile computing device
4 D676,693 Table
5 8,387,053 Method and system for enhancing computer processing performance
6 8,386,957 Method for dynamically scaling an original background layout
7 8,386,909 Capturing and presenting interactions with image-based media
8 8,386,852 Automated recording and replaying of software regression tests
9 8,386,727 Supporting interleaved read/write operations from/to multiple target devices
10 8,386,702 Memory controller
11 8,386,689 Interface adapter systems and methods
12 8,386,654 System and method for transforming PCIe SR-IOV functions to appear as legacy functions
13 8,386,597 Systems and methods for the provision of data processing services to multiple entities
14 8,386,520 Database security structure
15 8,386,494 Providing data structures for determining whether keys of an index are present in a storage system
16 8,386,413 System for generating a media playlist
17 8,386,391 Resource-type weighting of use rights
18 8,386,389 Service delivery systems and methods
19 8,386,354 Deterministic pricing management of a portfolio of one or more applications
20 8,385,879 Systems and methods for providing contacts in emergency situation
21 8,385,822 Orientation and presence detection for use in configuring operations of computing devices in docked environments
22 8,385,732 Image stabilization
23 8,385,698 Controllable optical ring resonator having periodically spaced control electrodes
24 8,385,676 Context-cluster-level control of filtering iterations in an iterative discrete universal denoiser
25 8,385,344 Transmitting a packet from a distributed trunk switch
26 8,385,101 Memory resistor having plural different active materials
27 8,385,075 Successively layered modular construction for a portable computer system
28 8,385,057 Fully extendable dual-segmented housing assembly for mobile computing device
29 8,385,000 Concentric ring dielectric lens
30 8,384,790 Video image enhancement method and apparatus using reference and auxiliary frames
31 8,384,773 Method and system for displaying an image in three dimensions
32 8,384,760 Systems for establishing eye contact through a display
33 8,384,738 Compositing windowing system
34 8,384,733 System and method for adjusting display input values
35 8,384,674 Integrated enclosure/touch screen assembly
36 8,384,659 Display element including electrodes and a fluid with colorant particles
37 8,384,401 Fast time-tagged event detection using resistive switching devices
38 8,384,136 Demultiplexed nanowire sensor array for detection of chemical and biological species
39 8,383,701 Polymer encapsulated pigment dispersion with high solids content
40 8,382,255 Thermal inkjet printhead with heating element in recessed substrate cavity
41 8,382,253 Fluid ejection device and methods of fabrication