Hewlett-Packard patents granted on 26 January 2010

29 US patents granted on 26 January 2010 and assigned to Hewlett-Packard

1 7,653,934 Role-based access control
2 7,653,833 Terminating a non-clustered workload in response to a failure of a system with a clustered workload
3 7,653,827 Power distribution system having redundant mixed sources and method
4 7,653,809 Method and system for controlling the on-line supply of digital products or the access to on-line services
5 7,653,739 Controlling transfer of access to data
6 7,653,701 Network system and method for automatically transferring data in a plurality of input and output formats to a computer network
7 7,653,406 Enabling a participant of a communication session to initiate a communication according to another communication service
8 7,653,324 Scheduling for a dual sided printing by a dual engine printer
9 7,653,259 Image capture method, device and system
10 7,653,153 QAM receiver and method for constellations having at least sixteen symbols
11 7,653,108 Apparatus and method of establishing optical communication channels between a steerable array of laser emitters and an array of optical detectors
12 7,653,051 Signaling gateway aggregation
13 7,652,911 Nanoscale shift register and signal demultiplexing using microscale/nanoscale shift registers
14 7,652,896 Component for impedance matching
15 7,652,889 Information technology (IT) equipment position locating system using jumper connections
16 7,652,801 Duplex detection imaging system and method
17 7,652,778 Obtaining a digital image of a physical object
18 7,652,589 Selecting a function of components based on orientation
19 7,652,575 Monitoring of packages
20 7,651,871 Device for forming magnetic well for nanoparticles
21 7,651,747 Fusible inkjet media including solid plasticizer particles and methods of forming and using the fusible inkjet media
22 7,651,665 Microtray for handling biosubstances
23 7,651,356 Tamper-evident connector
24 7,651,216 Fusible inkjet recording materials containing hollow beads, system using the recording materials, and methods of using the recording materials
25 7,651,209 Flow passage
26 7,651,204 Fluid ejection device
27 7,651,196 Fluid ejection device and manufacturing method
28 7,651,091 Diaphragm
29 7,651,082 Media stack stop