Hewlett-Packard patents granted on 26 June 2012

53 US patents granted on 26 June 2012 and assigned to Hewlett-Packard

1 D662,506 Stand
2 8,209,742 Computer-implemented method for obtaining a minimum biclique cover in a bipartite dataset
3 8,209,695 Reserving resources in a resource-on-demand system for user desktop utility demand
4 8,209,682 System and method for controlling aggregate CPU usage by virtual machines and driver domains over a plurality of scheduling intervals
5 8,209,681 Method of sampling hardware events in computer system
6 8,209,676 Device management in a network
7 8,209,646 Apparatus and method for analyzing source code using path analysis and Boolean satisfiability
8 8,209,602 Viewing of internet content
9 8,209,567 Message clustering of system event logs
10 8,209,537 Secure information distribution between nodes (network devices)
11 8,209,512 Selecting a cell that is a preferred candidate for executing a process
12 8,209,492 Systems and methods of accessing common registers in a multi-core processor
13 8,209,443 System and method for identifying lost/stale hardware in a computing system
14 8,209,413 Emergency power settings for data-center facilities infrastructure event
15 8,209,409 Diagnosis of a storage area network
16 8,209,371 Method and system for managing communication in a computer network using aliases of computer network addresses
17 8,209,365 Technique for virtualizing storage using stateless servers
18 8,209,285 Method and a system for publishing data
19 8,209,263 Shipment authentication and tracking
20 8,209,201 System and method for correlating objects
21 8,208,930 Message routing in a telecommunication system
22 8,208,895 Charging some or all of the cost of a call to a callee
23 8,208,824 Correction method, apparatus, data carrier or system for correcting for unintended spatial variation in lightness across a physical image produced by a xerographic process
24 8,208,778 Planar layer with optical path
25 8,208,750 Method and system for dual-envelope image enhancement
26 8,208,726 Method and system for optical character recognition using image clustering
27 8,208,696 Relation tree
28 8,208,649 Methods and systems for robust approximations of impulse responses in multichannel audio-communication systems
29 8,208,645 System and method for harmonizing calibration of audio between networked conference rooms
30 8,208,624 Hearing aid compatible mobile phone
31 8,208,620 Hand-held device
32 8,208,616 Conference-call system and conference-specific access codes
33 8,208,550 Adapting an encoded video signal to encoding complexity
34 8,208,477 Data-dependent overlay network
35 8,208,454 Determining optimal locations for wireless access points in a wireless network
36 8,208,417 Method for transmitting data in a radio network, a radio network and a receiver
37 8,208,386 Discovery of network devices
38 8,208,161 Photo printing device
39 8,208,160 System and method for printing a user guide for a product
40 8,208,137 Molecule detection using Raman light detection
41 8,208,005 System and method of determining the identity of a caller in a videoconferencing system
42 8,207,942 Interface for interaction with display visible from both sides
43 8,207,593 Memristor having a nanostructure in the switching material
44 8,207,520 Programmable crosspoint device with an integral diode
45 8,207,519 Ionic-modulated dopant profile control in nanoscale switching devices
46 8,206,535 Inkjet printheads
47 8,206,497 Polyphenylated phthalocyanines with near-infrared absorption
48 8,206,496 Mixed phthalocyanine and naphthalocyanine dyes for near-infrared applications
49 8,206,277 Idler roller assembly having a roller and a shaft the roller being formed such that it remains parallel to contacted media despite deflection of the shaft
50 8,205,984 Web printer and support structure
51 8,205,976 Partition map
52 8,205,965 Print bar structure
53 8,205,799 Physical object with memory tag and apparatus for use with such objects