Hewlett-Packard patents granted on 26 October 2010

28 US patents granted on 26 October 2010 and assigned to Hewlett-Packard

1 RE41,881 Re-writable optical disk having reference clock information permanently formed on the disk
2 7,823,156 Method of hashing address space to storage servers
3 7,823,154 System and method for providing, by a plurality of schedulers, differentiated service to consumers of distributed resources
4 7,823,004 Clock source selection for modular computer system as a function of modulo difference
5 7,823,000 Measuring AC power consumption using choke with inductive power sensor
6 7,822,997 Making a storage device unusable until a request is provided to recover an operating system or system firmware
7 7,822,982 Method and apparatus for automatic and secure distribution of a symmetric key security credential in a utility computing environment
8 7,822,963 Remote computer operating system upgrade
9 7,822,961 Semi-persistent relocatable ram-based virtual floppy disk method
10 7,822,917 Mass storage system with user interface
11 7,822,862 Method of satisfying a demand on a network for a network resource
12 7,822,857 Methods and systems for sharing remote access
13 7,822,844 System and methods for monitoring application server performance
14 7,822,810 Method and system for peer to peer common channel collaboration
15 7,822,675 Generation of cost or price quotations
16 7,822,658 Dynamic prioritization of activities
17 7,822,629 Customer profiling apparatus for conducting customer behavior pattern analysis, and method for comparing customer behavior patterns
18 7,822,412 System and method for accessing a wireless network
19 7,822,045 Routing key interpreter
20 7,821,973 Sharing of host bus adapter context
21 7,821,792 Cell board interconnection architecture
22 7,821,785 Heatsinks and a spring in a baffle slot between adjacent components
23 7,821,718 Laser line generator
24 7,821,666 Alternative to pre-printed special forms
25 7,819,847 System and methods for administering bioactive compositions
26 7,819,615 Method and apparatus for finishing sheets for a bound document
27 7,819,307 Method and system for managing monetary value on a mobile device
28 7,819,115 Inhalers and methods of controlling airflow in inhalers