Hewlett-Packard patents granted on 27 March 2012

26 US patents granted on 27 March 2012 and assigned to Hewlett-Packard

1 8,146,079 Systems and methods for controlling resource usage by a driver domain on behalf of a virtual machine
2 8,146,072 System and method for updating software on a computer
3 8,146,012 Method and system for navigating web sites
4 8,145,941 Detection and correction of block-level data corruption in fault-tolerant data-storage systems
5 8,145,898 Encryption/decryption pay per use web service
6 8,145,850 Method and system for visualizing a storage area network
7 8,145,847 Cache coherency protocol with ordering points
8 8,145,790 Method and device for using dynamic updates in a network
9 8,145,741 Selecting a target design based on criteria
10 8,145,731 System and method for determining how many servers of at least one server configuration to be included at a service provider’s site for supporting an expected workload
11 8,145,627 Use of connectivity analysis to assist rule-based optimizers
12 8,145,456 Optimizing a prediction of resource usage of an application in a virtual environment
13 8,145,455 Predicting resource usage of an application in a virtual environment
14 8,144,716 Method and system for providing telecommunication subscriber services without provisioning or maintenance
15 8,144,624 Method and system for discovering a pure hub-and-spoke topology
16 8,144,618 Method and apparatus for automatic verification of a zone configuration and network access control construct for a plurality of network switches
17 8,144,555 System and method for embedding optical drive compatibility information in optical media
18 8,144,458 Component layout in an enclosure
19 8,144,348 Systems and methods for managing failed print jobs
20 8,143,706 Method of forming a component having dielectric sub-layers
21 8,143,682 Methods and systems for implementing logic gates with spintronic devices located at nanowire crossbar junctions of crossbar arrays
22 8,143,128 Multilayer dielectric defect method
23 8,142,026 Projector alignment in a multiple-projector projection system
24 8,141,997 Ink supply system
25 8,141,990 Ink ejection device
26 8,141,986 Heating element