Hewlett-Packard patents granted on 27 May 2008

31 US patents granted on 27 May 2008 and assigned to Hewlett-Packard

1 7,380,177 Method and system for comparing individual computers to cluster representations of their peers
2 7,380,175 Supercomputing
3 7,380,174 Variable writing through a fixed programming interface
4 7,380,146 Power management system
5 7,380,144 Enabling and disabling of powering-off of computer system
6 7,380,138 Cryptographic method and apparatus
7 7,380,107 Multi-processor system utilizing concurrent speculative source request and system source request in response to cache miss
8 7,380,081 Asynchronous data redundancy technique
9 7,380,080 Calculating unneeded data storage credits for a data transmission to a pair of storage devices
10 7,379,960 System and method for managing data flow and measuring service in a storage network
11 7,379,907 Apparatus, system and method for reporting financial data and remitting funds over an interactive communications network or the like
12 7,379,428 Autonomous system topology based auxiliary network for peer-to-peer overlay network
13 7,379,303 Computing device module
14 7,379,297 Air flow regulation devices
15 7,379,255 Data structure, data storage apparatus and method
16 7,379,106 Methods and apparatus for reading a CCD architecture in a sampling mode and a non-sampling mode
17 7,379,091 Method and apparatus for computing an image stability measure
18 7,379,078 Controlling text symbol display size on a display using a remote control device
19 7,379,031 Generating pointer position data from position data of a pointing device of a remote console
20 7,378,785 Polarizing photonic band gap system with reflector
21 7,378,598 Printed circuit board substrate and method for constructing same
22 7,378,539 Compound, a molecular switch employing the compound and a method of electronic switching
23 7,378,347 Method of forming catalyst nanoparticles for nanowire growth and other applications
24 7,378,165 System and method for providing electrical power to an equipment rack using a fuel cell
25 7,378,030 Flextensional transducer and method of forming flextensional transducer
26 7,377,972 Cosolvents in printing fluids
27 7,377,683 Reflector
28 7,377,620 Hydrophobic nozzle exit with improved micro fluid ejection dynamics
29 7,377,618 High resolution inkjet printer
30 7,377,615 Article of manufacturing including a two-part adhesive with a fluorescent dye and method of making
31 7,377,603 Computing device mounting systems