Hewlett-Packard patents granted on 28 December 2010

24 US patents granted on 28 December 2010 and assigned to Hewlett-Packard

1 D629,840 Printer input accessory
2 D629,807 Computer having a front bezel
3 7,861,247 Assigning resources to an application component by taking into account an objective function with hard and soft constraints
4 7,861,228 Variable delay instruction for implementation of temporal redundancy
5 7,861,211 Mobile handset with update agent implemented in hardware
6 7,861,108 Restoring user states in dynamic computing environments
7 7,861,102 Unified power management architecture
8 7,861,042 Processor acquisition of ownership of access coordinator for shared resource
9 7,861,031 Access control management
10 7,860,838 Dynamic hierarchical data structure tree building and state propagation using common information model
11 7,860,332 Method and system for determining an indication of focus of an image
12 7,860,319 Image management
13 7,860,120 Network interface supporting of virtual paths for quality of service with dynamic buffer allocation
14 7,860,095 Method and apparatus for load-balancing
15 7,860,089 Method and system for network based call-pickup
16 7,860,026 Network switch deployment
17 7,860,005 Methods and systems that use information about a frame of video data to make a decision about sending the frame
18 7,859,997 Packet handling on a network device
19 7,859,847 Spring adapted to hold electronic device in a frame
20 7,859,498 Display device having multiplexing resistors within resin layer
21 7,858,175 Faux photobase
22 7,857,930 Flexible barrier film structure
23 7,857,568 System and methods for preparing edges of sheets to be bound in a text body
24 7,856,927 Digital offset printing method, electrophotographic machine and software for causing an electrophotographic machine to carry out such a method