Hewlett-Packard patents granted on 29 April 2008

21 US patents granted on 29 April 2008 and assigned to Hewlett-Packard

1 7,367,027 System for generating efficient and compact update packages
2 7,367,017 Method and apparatus for analyzing machine control sequences
3 7,366,956 Detecting data races in multithreaded computer programs
4 7,366,948 System and method for maintaining in a multi-processor system a spare processor that is in lockstep for use in recovering from loss of lockstep for another processor
5 7,366,924 Systems and methods for disabling power management in a computer system
6 7,366,921 Selecting input/output devices to control power consumption of a computer system
7 7,366,868 Generating updated virtual disks using distributed mapping tables accessible by mapping agents and managed by a centralized controller
8 7,366,866 Block size allocation in copy operations
9 7,366,857 Internal disk array mirror architecture
10 7,366,854 Systems and methods for scheduling memory requests utilizing multi-level arbitration
11 7,366,771 Apparatus & method for automatically switching media connections when operating in forced speed and duplex mode
12 7,365,889 System and method for transparency optimization
13 7,365,883 Dither matrix design using sub-pixel addressability
14 7,365,793 Image capture system and method
15 7,365,771 Camera with visible and infra-red imaging
16 7,365,574 General purpose delay logic
17 7,365,387 Gate-coupled EPROM cell for printhead
18 7,365,129 Polymer systems with reactive and fusible properties for solid freeform fabrication
19 7,365,108 Pigmented ink-jet inks with improved print quality and reliability
20 7,364,262 System and a method for variable velocity printing
21 7,364,244 User-controllable latching carrier rail system