Hewlett-Packard patents granted on 29 August 2006

46 US patents granted on 29 August 2006 and assigned to Hewlett-Packard

1 D527,417 Ink container
2 D527,386 Display base
3 7,100,210 Hood intrusion and loss of AC power detection with automatic time stamp
4 7,100,162 System and method for process management
5 7,100,160 Method and system for implementing host-dependent SCSI behavior in a heterogeneous host environment
6 7,100,159 Method, apparatus and means for silently customizing software within a multi-platform environment
7 7,100,097 Detection of bit errors in maskable content addressable memories
8 7,100,096 Special encoding of known bad data
9 7,100,076 Minimum latency reinstatement of database transaction locks
10 7,100,071 System and method for allocating fail-over memory
11 7,100,065 Controller arrangement for synchronizer data transfer between a core clock domain and bus clock domain each having its own individual synchronizing controller
12 7,100,062 Power management controller and method
13 7,100,056 System and method for managing processor voltage in a multi-processor computer system for optimized performance
14 7,100,036 System and method for securing a computer
15 7,100,034 System for selecting another processor to be the boot strap processor when the default boot strap processor does not have local memory
16 7,100,031 Detector and operational method for a firmware interface
17 7,100,025 Apparatus and method for performing single-instruction multiple-data instructions
18 7,100,014 Memory stack architecture for reduced TLB misses
19 7,099,994 RAID memory system
20 7,099,986 High speed peripheral interconnect apparatus, method and system
21 7,099,978 Method and system of completing pending I/O device reads in a multiple-processor computer system
22 7,099,977 Processor interrupt filtering
23 7,099,967 System and method for storing an image file in a computer system
24 7,099,966 Point-to-point electrical loading for a multi-drop bus
25 7,099,938 Method, computer system, and computer program product for monitoring services of an information technology environment
26 7,099,913 Speculative directory writes in a directory based cache coherent nonuniform memory access protocol
27 7,099,879 Real-time monitoring of service performance through the use of relational database calculation clusters
28 7,099,866 Method of generating and presenting kernel data
29 7,099,815 Method of managing workflow in a computer-based system
30 7,099,598 Method and apparatus for modifying a printing process in response to environmental conditions received via network
31 7,099,522 Method to create and reconstruct image presentation system
32 7,099,510 Method and system for object detection in digital images
33 7,099,034 Methods and arrangements for providing and using printer configuration status information
34 7,099,028 Systems and methods for providing restricted web site access to users of certain brands of printing device replaceable components
35 7,098,949 Apparatus and method for improved-resolution digital zoom in a portable electronic imaging device
36 7,098,936 Image display system and method including optical scaling
37 7,098,679 Circuit tester interface
38 7,098,541 Interconnect method for directly connected stacked integrated circuits
39 7,097,813 Hydrogen generating apparatus
40 7,097,776 Method of fabricating microneedles
41 7,097,472 Universal serial bus plug
42 7,097,289 Ink delivery apparatus with pressure tuned rolling piston and method of use
43 7,097,275 Single actuation axis printhead cleaner architecture for staggered printheads
44 7,097,274 Removing gas from a printhead
45 7,097,271 Printhead calibration
46 7,096,926 Thermal pouch interface