Hewlett-Packard patents granted on 30 August 2011

21 US patents granted on 30 August 2011 and assigned to Hewlett-Packard

1 8,010,798 Handheld computer system configured to authenticate a user and power-up in response to a single action by the user
2 8,010,757 Media vaulting
3 8,010,083 Detection of cloned identifiers in communication systems
4 8,009,992 Optical interconnect
5 8,009,991 Dynamic optical signal tracking on a detector array in a free space optical communication system
6 8,009,943 Magnetically activated photonic switches and switch fabrics employing the same
7 8,009,941 Photonic systems and methods for encoding data in carrier electromagnetic waves
8 8,009,937 Charge-based memory cell for optical resonator tuning
9 8,009,668 Method and apparatus for router aggregation
10 8,009,519 Apparatus and methods for maintaining a reliable time clock on a mobile computing device supporting satellite based position determination capability
11 8,009,499 Providing a capacitor-based power supply to enable backup copying of data from volatile storage to persistent storage
12 8,009,491 Memory access strobe configuration system and process
13 8,009,438 Server infrastructure having independent backplanes to distribute power and to route signals
14 8,009,417 Removable airflow guide assembly for a computer system
15 8,009,363 Prism beamsplitters
16 8,008,648 Memristors with insulation elements and methods for fabricating the same
17 8,007,578 Pigmented ink having infrared absorption and low visible color
18 8,007,548 Pretreatment fluid and method of making and using the same
19 8,007,096 Ink compositions for use in highlighter markers and associated methods
20 8,007,078 Microfluidic device and a fluid ejection device incorporating the same
21 8,006,565 Pressure sensor grid