Hewlett-Packard patents granted on 30 May 2006

60 US patents granted on 30 May 2006 and assigned to Hewlett-Packard

1 D522,066 Adhesive printable skin for a portable electronic device
2 D522,064 Adhesive printable skin for a portable electronic device
3 D522,045 Printer
4 D522,044 Multifunction peripheral
5 D522,008 Display base
6 D522,006 Computer having a front bezel
7 D521,986 Remote control
8 D521,984 Storable remote control
9 7,055,171 Highly secure computer system architecture for a heterogeneous client environment
10 7,055,148 System and method for updating firmware
11 7,055,139 Multiprocess debugging using multiple conventional debuggers
12 7,055,124 System and method for evaluating signal deviations in a package design
13 7,055,114 Systems and processes for asymmetrically shrinking a VLSI layout
14 7,055,111 Opportunistic data transfer from a personal digital apparatus
15 7,055,074 Device to inhibit duplicate cache repairs
16 7,055,056 System and method for ensuring the availability of a storage system
17 7,055,054 Fail-over of multiple memory blocks in multiple memory modules in computer system
18 7,055,049 Portable computer with low-power audio CD-player
19 7,055,044 System and method for voltage management of a processor to optimize performance and power dissipation
20 7,055,040 Method and apparatus for uniquely and securely loading software to an individual computer
21 7,055,035 Method for generating a read only memory image
22 7,055,029 Cryptographic system enabling ownership of a secure process
23 7,055,013 Spare data site allocation
24 7,055,005 Methods and apparatus used to retrieve data from memory into a RAM controller before such data is requested
25 7,054,985 Multiple hardware partitions under one input/output hub
26 7,054,962 Embedded system having broadcast data storing controller
27 7,054,934 Tailorable optimization using model descriptions of services and servers in a computing environment
28 7,054,859 Apparatus and method for responding to search requests for stored documents
29 7,054,721 Computer fan efficiency feedback system and method
30 7,054,335 Method and system for midstream transcoding of secure scalable packets in response to downstream requirements
31 7,054,203 High reliability memory element with improved delay time
32 7,054,179 Double-high memory system compatible with termination schemes for single-high memory systems
33 7,054,172 Method and structure for active power supply control and stabilization
34 7,054,156 Fan rotor systems having collapsible fan blades
35 7,054,153 Mount for computer drive
36 7,054,149 Sliding latching mechanism
37 7,054,119 Coupled ferromagnetic systems having modified interfaces
38 7,054,069 Projection lens and image display system
39 7,054,035 Method and system for management of color through conversion between color spaces
40 7,054,034 Printing apparatus and method for generating direction dependent color map
41 7,054,021 System and method for printing multiple print jobs in a single action
42 7,054,019 Method and system for tracking the current date and time with a printer and operating the printer accordingly
43 7,054,017 Avoiding printing defects
44 7,053,939 Automatic document detection method and system
45 7,053,691 Electrical circuit for selecting a desired power source
46 7,053,593 Protection circuits for a DC-to-DC converter
47 7,052,788 Regulator and method of regulating fuel flow to a fuel cell by adsorption
48 7,052,757 Capping layer for enhanced performance media
49 7,052,658 Hydrogen generation cartridge and portable hydrogen generator
50 7,052,537 Solvent systems for ink-jet inks
51 7,052,535 Additives to eliminate bronzing of inkjet ink formulations on specialty quick-dry inkjet photographic media
52 7,052,197 Printer system having a rotatable input tray with length adjuster
53 7,052,146 Replaceable color wheel
54 7,052,142 Enhanced resolution projector
55 7,052,124 Ink assist air knife
56 7,052,112 Arrangements of interconnect circuit and fluid drop generators
57 7,052,102 Detecting fixer in hardcopy apparatus
58 7,051,946 Air re-circulation index
59 7,051,942 Optical scanner assembly and related methodology
60 7,051,426 Method making a cutting disk into of a substrate