Hewlett-Packard patents granted on 30 September 2008

23 US patents granted on 30 September 2008 and assigned to Hewlett-Packard

1 7,430,722 Method and system for selecting skinnable interfaces for an application
2 7,430,696 Zeroing circuit for performance counter
3 7,430,668 Protection of the configuration of modules in computing apparatus
4 7,430,662 Techniques for initializing a device on an expansion card
5 7,430,661 System and method of storing user data in a partition file or using a partition file containing user data
6 7,430,623 System and method for buffering data received from a network
7 7,430,502 Using thermal management register to simulate processor performance states
8 7,430,164 Path recovery on failure in load balancing switch protocols
9 7,430,145 System and method for avoiding attempts to access a defective portion of memory
10 7,430,126 Apparatus and method for flexibly mounting variously sized devices in a computer chassis
11 7,430,124 Housing having a cable conduit and related systems and methods
12 7,430,053 Tracking component usage in a printing device
13 7,430,030 Bistable nematic liquid crystal display device
14 7,430,004 Volume control linked with zoom control
15 7,429,954 Display panel with pairs of antennas
16 7,429,864 Systems and methods for rectifying and detecting signals
17 7,429,848 Battery disable/enable control circuitry of a portable computing device
18 7,429,191 Cover plate for a personal computer rear panel
19 7,429,125 System and method for cantilever based calorimetric analysis
20 7,429,101 Ink supply with ink/air separator assembly that is isolated from ink until time of use
21 D577,723 Single handed u-shaped handle for computer controller
22 D577,719 Computer having a door
23 D577,508 Rack for holding entertainment media