Hewlett-Packard patents granted on 31 October 2006

28 US patents granted on 31 October 2006 and assigned to Hewlett-Packard

1 7,131,115 Unwinding instrumented program code
2 7,131,094 Method and system for automatically extracting data from a textual bump map
3 7,131,059 Scalably presenting a collection of media objects
4 7,131,039 Repair techniques for memory with multiple redundancy
5 7,130,950 Providing access to memory configuration information in a computer
6 7,130,890 Method and system for adaptively prefetching objects from a network
7 7,130,864 Method and system for accessing a collection of images in a database
8 7,130,855 Method and apparatus for asynchronous file writes in a distributed file system
9 7,130,785 System and method for detecting accesses to non-existing hardware entities using architectural simulation
10 7,130,620 Telecommunications services and apparatus regarding lost connectivity events
11 7,130,615 Software authentication for mobile communication devices
12 7,130,491 System and method for interpolating a color image
13 7,130,235 Method and apparatus for a sense amplifier
14 7,130,207 Methods and memory structures using tunnel-junction device as control element
15 7,130,118 Dynamic projection screen
16 7,129,934 Collaborative markup projection system
17 7,129,925 Dynamic self-refresh display memory
18 7,129,910 Active display system and method with optical addressing
19 7,129,858 Encoding system
20 7,129,844 Remote communications devices, wireless communications systems, remote communications device operable methods, and retail monitoring methods
21 7,129,503 Determining emitter beam size for data storage medium
22 7,129,284 Fluorosurfactant packages for use in inkjet printing and methods of controlling puddling in inkjet pens
23 7,128,997 Method and system for dispensing pelletized fuel for use with a fuel cell
24 7,128,602 Make first break last connection assembly
25 7,128,409 Replaceable printing consumable with features facilitating intuitive installation by a user
26 7,128,401 Thermal sense resistor for a replaceable printer component
27 D531,189 Television media hub
28 D531,175 All-in-one personal computer, printer, fax, scanner and copier