Hitachi patent applications published on 02 August 2007

34 US patent applications published on 02 August 2007 and assigned to Hitachi

1 20070180305 Methods for Controlling Storage Devices Controlling Apparatuses
2 20070180304 Mapping apparatus for backup and restoration of multi-generation recovered snapshots
3 20070180274 Method of performing active data copying processing, and storage subsystem and storage control apparatus for performing active data copying processing
4 20070180198 Processor for multiprocessing computer systems and a computer system
5 20070180180 Storage system, and storage control method
6 20070180169 Communication control for storage system
7 20070180168 Storage system, data processing method and storage apparatus
8 20070180087 Computer allocation method
9 20070179999 Backup system, file server and backup method
10 20070179633 Terminal device
11 20070178676 Method of forming semiconductor multi-layered structure
12 20070178669 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device and apparatus for processing substrate
13 20070178591 Internally administered therapeutic agents for diseases in central and peripheral nervous system comprising mesenchymal cells as an active ingredient
14 20070177877 Wavelength division multiplex (WDM) transmission system
15 20070177604 Network system for managing QoS
16 20070177522 Complex information platform apparatus and communication band ensuring method of the same
17 20070177332 Electrode for electric double layer capacitor, method for manufacturing same, electric double layer capacitor, and conductive adhesive
18 20070177299 Magnetic head and method for production therefor
19 20070176875 Image display device
20 20070176580 Semiconductor integrated circuit device
21 20070176575 Electric power converter and motor driving system
22 20070176488 Power steering system
23 20070176402 Detection device of vehicle interior condition
24 20070176298 Semiconductor device
25 20070176265 Substrate processing apparatus
26 20070176202 Manufacturing method of organic thin-film transistors and equipment for manufacturing the same
27 20070176199 Nitride-based group III-V semiconductor substrate and fabrication method therefor, and nitride-based group III-V light-emitting device
28 20070176044 Tape reel and method for manufacturing the same
29 20070175976 Record management system and method to trace chemicals
30 20070175720 Control device and control method for vehicle
32 20070175424 Valve operating apparatus for internal combustion engine
33 20070175104 Polishing slurry for silicon oxide, additive liquid and polishing method
34 20070175035 Level wound coil, method of manufacturing same, and package for same