Hitachi patent applications published on 04 May 2006

50 US patent applications published on 04 May 2006 and assigned to Hitachi

1 20060095704 Storage system having dynamic volume allocation function
2 20060095697 Method and apparatus for data relocation between storage subsystems
3 20060095696 Quality of service for remote copy operations in storage systems
4 20060095693 Method for communicating between host and storage device, storage device, host, and system comprising storage device and host
5 20060095659 Hard disk drive with support for atomic transactions
6 20060095553 Storage system
7 20060095482 Data processing system and storage subsystem provided in data processing system
8 20060095432 Disclosure control system and method
9 20060095238 Pattern extraction computational algorithm, design program and simulator
10 20060095202 Method of delivering difference map data
11 20060094938 Safety and health information reporting system
12 20060093868 Vertical magnetic recording medium and manufacturing method thereof
13 20060093864 Magnetic recording medium with corrosion resistance and manufacturing method
14 20060093863 Magnetic recording medium, manufacturing process thereof, and magnetic recording apparatus
15 20060093734 Method of applying phosphor paste of PDP
16 20060093547 Process for treating fluorine compound-containing gas
17 20060092971 Packet transfer device
18 20060092886 CDMA communication system and its transmission power control method
19 20060092848 Information processing apparatus and method of controlling the information processing apparatus
20 20060092777 Defocus detection device, defocus detection method and optical disk unit using the same
21 20060092582 CPP sensor having hard bias stabilization placed at back edge of the stripe
22 20060092576 Magnetic head for high speed data transfer
23 20060092575 Magnetic head and magnetic disk storage apparatus mounting the same
24 20060092569 Winged pole and shield structure for reducing stray field in a perpendicular write head
25 20060092568 Single-pole recording head having trapezoidal main pole and bevel angle promotion layer and methods of fabricating the same
26 20060092566 Double notched shield and pole structure for stray field reduction in a magnetic head
27 20060092565 Notched shield and pole structure with slanted wing for perpendicular recording
28 20060092564 Method for manufacturing a stitched “floating” trailing shield for a perpendicular recording head
29 20060092560 Plastic spacer and disk clamp assembly
30 20060092556 Perpendicular hard disk drive resistive against external magnetic field
31 20060092550 Data reliability improvement at low temperature
32 20060092549 Magnetic disk drive and method for executing seek operation
33 20060092547 Method and a device for recording and reproducing data onto and from a magnetic tape
34 20060092543 System, method, and apparatus for in-situ stray magnetic field measurement
35 20060092538 System and method for determining whether defect in perpendicular recording disk drive is from thermal asperity or defect in magnetically soft underlayer
36 20060092511 Image display apparatus, as well as, Fresnel lens sheet and screen to be used therein
37 20060092426 Apparatus for visual inspection
38 20060092385 Projection image display apparatus and projection optical unit to be used therein
39 20060092356 Liquid crystal display device
40 20060092121 Liquid crystal display device
41 20060092115 Display apparatus
42 20060091553 Wiring board and method for producing same
43 20060091332 Method and its apparatus for inspecting particles or defects of a semiconductor device
44 20060091321 Wafer alignment method for dual beam system
45 20060091103 Write head fabrication by inverting order of process steps
46 20060091073 Method and apparatus for treating ammonium-containing liquid
47 20060090998 Manufacturing process for perpendicular magnetic recording medium
48 20060090677 After-air nozzle for two-stage combustion boiler, and a two-stage combustion boiler, boiler and combustion method using the same
49 20060090466 Hyrbrid car and control method of the same
50 20060090329 Magnetic recording head for perpendicular recording with enhanced covering power of protective film, fabrication process, and magnetic disk storage apparatus mounting the magnetic recording head