Hitachi patent applications published on 05 January 2006

29 US patent applications published on 05 January 2006 and assigned to Hitachi

1 20060005048 Method and apparatus for encrypted remote copy for secure data backup and restoration
2 20060004894 Storage system, method of controlling storage system, and storage device
3 20060002588 Method of detecting and measuring a moving object and apparatus therefor, and a recording medium for recording a program for detecting and measuring a moving object
4 20060002391 Multicast packet relay device adapted for virtual router
5 20060002379 Packet communication system
6 20060002164 Anti-parallel tab sensor fabrication
7 20060002042 Pinning strength in-stack bias structure for CPP sensor
8 20060002040 Magnetoresistive head and manufacturing method thereof
9 20060002038 Pinning structure with trilayer pinned layer
10 20060002033 Larger dR CPP GMR structure
11 20060002029 System, method, and apparatus for reducing off-track gain for a disk drive actuator
12 20060002018 Magnetic head and magnetic disk storage apparatus mounting the head
13 20060002015 Lower saturation field structure for perpendicular AFC pole
14 20060002013 System and method for attaching a disk clamp to the hub of a spindle motor in a hard disk drive
15 20060002012 System, method, and apparatus for prevention of lubrication migration for lubricated fasteners in disk drive applications
16 20060002000 Repeatable timing mark position error correction in self-servowrite
17 20060001994 Method, apparatus and program storage device for dynamically adjusting the write current in each head to compensate for variation in disk drive and environmental parameters
18 20060001836 Projector type display apparatus
19 20060001599 Drive circuit for display apparatus and plasma display apparatus
20 20060001427 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnet apparatus therefor
21 20060001373 Plasma display panel
22 20060001350 Field emission electron gun and electron beam apparatus using the same
23 20060001192 Structure of parts made from plural composite pieces and method of building those parts
24 20060001138 IC-tag-bearing wiring board and method of fabricating the same
25 20060001042 Epitaxial wafer for semiconductor light-emitting devices, and semiconductor light-emitting device
26 20060000526 Steel strip for razor blades and method of manufacturing the same
27 20060000525 Fe-based amorphous alloy ribbon and magnetic core formed thereby
28 20060000524 Fe-based amorphous alloy ribbon
29 20060000086 Electronic component mounting apparatus and electronic component mounting method