Hitachi patent applications published on 11 May 2006

37 US patent applications published on 11 May 2006 and assigned to Hitachi

1 20060101482 Recording and reproducing apparatus of thin optical disc
2 20060101465 Distributed control system
3 20060101432 Assembly language code compilation for an instruction-set architecture containing new instructions using the prior assembler
4 20060101399 Computer and access control method in a computer
5 20060101232 Semiconductor integrated circuit
6 20060101222 Memory control device and method for controlling the same
7 20060101174 Media drive, and power saving method thereof
8 20060101092 Computer system and method for managing file versions
9 20060101024 Reproducing apparatus, reproducing method and software thereof
10 20060100891 System and method for pricing products and maintenance /administration service cost
11 20060100802 Method for evaluating diagnosis function of a variable valve mechanism and apparatus for diagnosing a variable valve mechanism
12 20060100773 Variable valve control apparatus for internal combustion engine and method thereof
13 20060100087 Ceramic composition being fired at low temperature and having high strength and method for preparing the same, and laminated electronic parts using the same
14 20060099488 Fuel cell, membrane electrode assembly, catalyst used therefor, and method of producing catalyst
15 20060098952 Method and system for recording and reproducing data
16 20060098694 Optical fiber for fiber laser, fiber laser, and laser oscillation method
17 20060098636 Voice communication system and voice communication method
18 20060098564 Information recording medium, information recording and reproducing apparatus and method for adjusting phase of recording track
19 20060098367 System, method, and apparatus for electrically testing lead-to-lead shorting during magnetoresistive sensor fabrication
20 20060098356 Magnetic head having layered film with tilted crystalline grain structure
21 20060098352 Dual CPP GMR sensor with in-stack bias structure
22 20060097932 Small size thin type antenna, multilayered substrate, high frequency module, and radio terminal mounting them
23 20060097928 Small-sized antenna
24 20060097912 High frequency antenna device and method of manufacturing the same, HF antenna printed circuit board for HF antenna device, and transmitting and receiving device using HF antenna device
25 20060097857 Warning device for vehicles
26 20060097783 Amplifier
27 20060097257 Method of forming electrode for plasma display panel
28 20060097186 Liquid metal ion gun
29 20060097166 Charged particle beam apparatus and sample manufacturing method
30 20060096915 Method and equipment for treating microcystin-containing water
31 20060096863 Multi-capillary electrophoresis apparatus
32 20060096799 Prime mover control device of contruction machine
33 20060096748 Cooling plate and manufacturing method thereof, and sputtering target and manufacturing method thereof
34 20060096706 Dry etching apparatus and a method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
35 20060096595 Inhaling type medicine administering apparatus and medicine cartridge used therein
36 20060096574 Air flow measuring device formed integrally with electronically controlled throttle body
37 20060096081 Methods of making magnetic write heads with use of a resist channel shrinking solution having corrosion inhibitors