Hitachi patent applications published on 12 April 2007

19 US patent applications published on 12 April 2007 and assigned to Hitachi

1 20070083724 Assuring genuineness of data stored on a storage device
2 20070083705 Functional test method and functional test apparatus for data storage devices
3 20070083704 Hard disk drive with certification function
4 20070083690 Storage controller
5 20070082585 On-line grinding method for work roll
6 20070081914 Manufacturing method for wear resistant sintered member, sintered valve seat, and manufacturing method therefor
7 20070081435 Optical disc apparatus
8 20070081279 Double mill process for patterning current perpendicular to plane (CPP) magnetoresistive devices to minimize barrier shorting and barrier damage
9 20070081278 Magnetic head having non-GMR shunt for perpendicular recording and method for making magnetic head having non-GMR shunt for perpendicular recording
10 20070081277 Method and apparatus for reducing shield noise in magnetoresistive sensors
11 20070081267 Magnetic disk drive with increased storage capacity
12 20070080922 Display device
13 20070080870 Antenna module, radio device and mobile radio terminal
14 20070080438 Semiconductor device, semiconductor module, and method of manufacturing the semiconductor module
15 20070080239 Fuel injector
16 20070079810 Damper mechanism and high pressure fuel pump
17 20070079797 Cylinder direct gasoline injection type internal combustion engine, control equipment thereof, and injector
18 20070079736 Solid fuel burner, burning method using the same, combustion apparatus and method of operating the combustion apparatus
19 20070079596 Apparatus and method for controlling air/fuel ratio of internal combustion engine