Hitachi patent applications published on 16 August 2007

46 US patent applications published on 16 August 2007 and assigned to Hitachi

1 20070192852 Disk unit, magnetic disk unit and information storage unit
2 20070192796 Video system and video selection method thereof
3 20070192669 Combined encoder/syndrome generator with reduced delay
4 20070192560 Storage controller
5 20070192555 Remote copy system
6 20070192554 Storage system and storage control device
7 20070192553 Backup apparatus and backup method
8 20070192546 Control Apparatus of Storage Unit, and Method of Controlling the Control Apparatus of Storage Unit
9 20070192539 Disk array system
10 20070192484 Distributed authentication system and communication control apparatus
11 20070192331 Context information management system
12 20070192030 Vehicle safety control apparatus for avoiding collision
13 20070192013 Vehicle speed control device, method of determining target speed by using the device, and program executing the method
14 20070192001 Electronic control apparatus for vehicle and diagnosing method thereof
15 20070191719 Controller for senor node, measurement method for biometric information and its software
16 20070190680 MEMS device and manufacturing process thereof
17 20070190416 Non-aqueous secondary battery and method for producing the same
18 20070190310 Method of producing molded article, extruder, and molded article
19 20070189936 Exhaust gas-cleaning apparatus
20 20070189502 Portable terminal device
21 20070189436 Radiotomography apparatus
22 20070189375 Infinite impulse response filter circuit and magnetic disk drive
23 20070189137 Rotating disk storage device and recording method
24 20070189135 Optical disc apparatus and disc management information acquisition method
25 20070188958 Over-current detection circuit and method for power-supply device
26 20070188944 Magnetoresistive head and magnetic storage apparatus
27 20070188938 Method and apparatus for providing improved pinning structure for tunneling magnetoresistive sensor
28 20070188934 Magneto-resistive head having a stable response property without longitudinal biasing and method for manufacturing the same
29 20070188933 EMR magnetic head having a magnetic flux guide and a body formed at a tail end of a slider
30 20070188924 Perpendicular magnetic recording medium and magnetic storage apparatus using the same
31 20070188921 Magnetic head and magnetic disk storage apparatus mounting the head
32 20070188908 Disk drive
33 20070188907 Media drive and control method for the same
34 20070188905 Recording disk drive and method of managing defective regions in the same
35 20070188672 Display device
36 20070188433 Display device
37 20070188167 Testing and manufacturing method of magnetic heads
38 20070188096 Flat panel display and display panel device having the same
39 20070187597 Focused ion beam system and a method of sample preparation and observation
40 20070187134 Extra-fine copper alloy wire, extra-fine copper alloy twisted wire, extra-fine insulated wire, coaxial cable, multicore cable and manufacturing method thereof
41 20070187067 Heat transfer tube and heat exchanger using same
42 20070186914 ENGINE CONTROLLER
43 20070186886 Apparatus for and method of controlling motion mechanism
44 20070186885 Apparatus for and method of controlling variable valve mechanism
45 20070186703 Method of Changing Gears of an Automobile, Automotive Gear Shifter, Controller for Automotive Gear Shifter, and Actuator Controller for Automotive Gear Shifter
46 20070186409 Manufacturing method of a perpendicular recording magnetic head