Hitachi patent applications published on 16 March 2006

34 US patent applications published on 16 March 2006 and assigned to Hitachi

1 20060059528 Video display system and video display device
2 20060059491 Controller and operating system
3 20060059357 Method and system for recovering the validity of cryptographically signed digital data
4 20060059339 Reproducing apparatus and recording/reproducing apparatus
5 20060059303 Storage system and method of controlling the same
6 20060059002 Rental estimation method
7 20060058079 Foldable portable information processing device for displaying plural images
8 20060057742 Method of forming CNT containing wiring material and sputtering target material used for the method
9 20060057431 Perpendicular magnetic recording medium and manufacturing of the same
10 20060057429 Magnetic recording medium and magnetic memory device for high density recording
11 20060057428 Magnetic recording media with ultra-high recording density
12 20060056978 Controller for construction machine and method for operating input torque
13 20060056546 Orthogonality detector, and quadrature demodulator and sampling quadrature demodulator using detector thereof
14 20060056369 Communication system, server, router, and mobile communications terminal
15 20060056276 Optical head and apparatus for optical disk
16 20060056148 Disk array device
17 20060056112 Magnetoresistive head and fabricating method thereof, and read write separation type head
18 20060056110 Thin film magnetic head with thermal flying height control pads located at both ends of all pads series on slider side plane
19 20060056107 Magnetic disk apparatus with reduced disk fluttering
20 20060056106 Moisture absorbing mechanism and magnetic disk drive
21 20060056105 Magnetic disk apparatus with shield for magnetic head
22 20060056104 Magnetic disk device with improved shielding
23 20060056099 Method of writing patterns using head with correct phases, and data storage device
24 20060056098 Method of writing patterns onto a recording disk, and data storage device
25 20060056097 Method of measuring head characteristics of a data storage device, and data storage device
26 20060056091 Method of controlling a recording current, and magnetic disk device
27 20060056088 Defect registration method of magnetic disk, and magnetic disk drive
28 20060055849 Liquid crystal display device
29 20060055585 Radar system
30 20060055255 Electric rotating machine
31 20060054840 Focused ion beam apparatus and aperture
32 20060054711 IC card and method of manufacturing the same
33 20060054135 Engine cogeneration system
34 20060053621 Method for manufacturing a magnetic disk device with improved head gimbal assembly