Hitachi patent applications published on 18 May 2006

31 US patent applications published on 18 May 2006 and assigned to Hitachi

1 20060107105 Error recovery level optimization in network system
2 20060107010 Storage system and data migration method of storage system
3 20060106980 Media drive and command execution method thereof
4 20060106892 Method and apparatus for archive data validation in an archive system
5 20060106759 Computer system, computer, data access method and database system
6 20060106528 Evaluation method of diagnostic function for a variable valve mechanism and evaluation apparatus for a variable valve mechanism
7 20060106527 Evaluation method of diagnostic function for variable valve mechanism and evaluation apparatus for variable valve machanism
8 20060105779 Method, system and apparatus for detecting a position of a terminal in a network
9 20060105273 Method for producing electronic device
10 20060105175 Near-infrared shield and display front plate
11 20060105139 Ceramic honeycomb structure, process for producing the same and coat material for use in the production
12 20060104500 Method and apparatus for reviewing defect of subject to be inspected
13 20060104320 Method and apparatus for forming a plurality of laser beams with ultraviolet wavelength, and laser machining apparatus
14 20060104194 Optical information-recording medium
15 20060104183 Optical disc recording/reproduction device
16 20060104170 Method for performing servo control for blank discs
17 20060103991 Magnetoresistive head using longitudinal biasing method with 90-degree magnetic interlayer coupling and manufacturing method thereof
18 20060103989 Magnetic head, magnetic head gimbal assembly, magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus, and magnetic memory
19 20060103982 Perpendicular recording head with reduced thermal protrusion
20 20060103978 Single pole type recording head with tapered edges
21 20060103970 Servo control for magnetic disk drive
22 20060103759 Disk video camera
23 20060103449 Semiconductor integrated circuit device and a contactless electronic device
24 20060103409 Current sensing method and current sensing device, power conversion device using this current sensing device, and vehicle using this power conversions device
25 20060103251 Rotor of permanent magnet rotating electric machine
26 20060103151 Mounting head of electronic component mounting apparatus
27 20060103125 Counterweight device for construction machinery
28 20060102485 Electroless plating method, electroless plating device, and production method and production device of semiconductor device
29 20060101815 Hydraulic ride control system for working vehicle
30 20060101808 Engine self-diagnosis system
31 20060101636 Method for patterning a magnetoresistive sensor